Canned Sweet Corn

US $ 10-15 /Box FOB
MOQ:1,850 Boxes

Sinocharm Brc a Approved IQF Ginkgo Nut Frozen Ginkgo Nut

US $ 23-23.8 /Box FOB
MOQ:1,000 Boxes

Sinocharm Canned Tuna Shredded Red and White Meat Tuna

US $ 17-19 /Box FOB
MOQ:1,950 Boxes

Sinocharm Frozen Bamboo Shoot IQF Slices

US $ 9.7-10.15 /Box FOB
MOQ:1,000 Boxes

Sinocharm Brc Grade a IQF Frozen Lotus Root Cut

US $ 0.9-1.2 /kg FOB
MOQ:10,000 kg

IQF Frozen Sweet Potato Dice

US $ 0.5-0.7 /kg FOB
MOQ:10,000 kg

2020 New Crop IQF Blanched Frozen White Asparagus

US $ 1.5 /Ton FOB
MOQ:24,000 Tons

Brc Grade a IQF Frozen Grape

US $ 1.9-2 /kg FOB
MOQ:11,000 kg

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