Shanghai Shenheng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Overview
Shanghai S-H BIOTECH Co., Ltd. (registered brand: S-H BIOTECH) was founded in 2009. It is a comprehensive company integrating R&D, production and sales of pharmaceutical, chemical and biological laboratory equipment. It has been committed to providing laboratory equipment for global customers. Solutions in the fields of chamber distillation/evaporation/purification/separation/concentration/crystallization.

S-H BIOTECH has an enterprising R&D team composed of a group of experienced and technically senior engineers. Over the past ten years, we have continuously innovated technologies and included products. Today, the core products of S-H BIOTECH include short-range molecular distillation (glass and stainless steel), scraping Membrane evaporator, rectification device, crystallization device products, high-end glass instrument customization, short-path distillation set, rotary evaporator, glass reactor, vacuum filtration device, vacuum oven, low temperature coolant circulating pump, high and low temperature integrated machine and supporting experiments Constant temperature and vacuum equipment, developed short-path distillation molecular systems suitable for small-scale, pilot-scale, and industrial production levels to meet different customers

The S-H BIOTECH factory covers an area of more than 2, 000 square meters and has a strong production capacity. It has an independent glass and accessories production workshop to ensure the fastest delivery time in the industry, as well as flexible customization capabilities.
Mrs. Pan Liu
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Room 801, Block a, Zhengshang Nautical Square, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
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