Zhejiang Shentai Solar Energy Co., Ltd.

Feb 20, 2024
Company Overview
Zhejiang Shentai Solar Energy Co., Ltd. is positive can the industry limited company be a specialized solar energy application technology, the development and the research, the product production and the sales industrial production enterprise, is (Hong Kong) the international limited company is authorized after the Shen tai solar energy industry Co., Ltd too group, is authorized the production solar energy product in mainland China only 11 the enterprise, has the domestic advanced solarpowered water heater automatically to put on makeup exiles to a far away place the waterline.

The specialized environmental protection and renewable energy expert consultant conducted the groundbreaking thorough research in view of the solar-powered water heater, the development production "the Shen tai solar energy industry Co., Ltd too" the series home use solar-powered water heater, the export model solar-powered water heater, the solar energy central hot water system, has divided series and so on writing style solar energy Product. Takes the lead in the same profession through the ISO9001 international quality system authentication, the China performance test association to authenticate, the national compulsory CCC authentication, Leaves Mouth CE, CB authentication. Among "the Shen tai solar energy industry Co., Ltd too" the solar-powered water heater technology in 2003 is evaluated the national science and technology technology achievement progress second prize and the country sends The bright patent firstaward, and exports Germany, South Africa, Spain, South Korea, and so on more than 20 countries. The Shen tai solar energy industry Co., Ltd too company deeply believed that, wins the user long-term trust the key is the excellent quality and the consummation service, to each set of products which leaves the plant all pass through the extremely related multichannel working procedure examination, guarantees our ultra customer expectation higher quality the performance. The god too but will be unremitting for the global new energy development diligently! Source in nature, global sharing!

The product technology is enterprise's core competitive power. The Shen tai solar energy industry Co., Ltd too person modest is practical, both abundantly picks in the technology length of from the family, and carries on the innovation unceasingly, the introduction all from Moves the profession first-class equipment, depends on the international advanced solar energy specialized development facility, and established with the overseas senior expert has been widespread but the thorough cooperationPositively pays attention to, the introduction and the absorption world advanced technology, take the market as the standpoint, thus becomes the new energy profession fashion tidal current eagerly anticipating.
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