Welkin Industry Limited

Oct 18, 2019
Manufacturer/Factory,Trading Company,Group Corporation
Company Overview
WELKIN INDUSTRY LIMITED Industrial Storage Branch, Mainly responsible for textile machine dedicated storage, SCSI Floppy Drive, SCSI hard drive, Floppy Drive, Military storage, Shipyard dedicated Storage global sales.

Product Include "Floppy Drive For Roche EleSys ECL 1010 automated chemiluminescence instrument ", " Floppy Drive For Roche EleSys ECL 2010 automated chemiluminescence instrument ", " Floppy Drive For Roche E170 electrochemistry luminescence immunity analyzer ", "Floppy Drive For Military base shipyard ", "Floppy Drive for Panasonic servo motor PCB drilling machine MSDA023A1A "

" Floppy Drive for Panasonic servo motor PCB drilling machine MSMA012A1E ", " Floppy Drive for Panasonic servo motor PCB drilling machine MSD083A1XX ", " Floppy Drive for Oilfield drilling machine ", " Floppy Drive for The XCB20P7 driver Yakama inverter ", " Floppy Drive for V-CUT machine "

" Floppy Drive for DMG CNC machine tool ", " Floppy Drive for SANYO TCM3000 ", " Floppy Drive for SANYO TCM3500 ", " Floppy Drive for SANYO TCM3200 ", " Floppy Drive for Kyushu Panasonic CM82", " Floppy Drive Panasonic MV Series placement machine ", " Floppy Drive spareparts for knitting machine "

" Floppy Drive haug schussler s-500 ", " Floppy Drive The German HELL fine carving electric engraving machine K350 ", " Floppy Drive sodick A500W-E ", " Floppy Drive Hitachi rig MARK21 ", " Floppy Drive Hitachi rig MARK 100C ", " Floppy Drive SEIBU EDM EW-C5S ".

" TEAC Jumper Low-Density Floppy Drive, Sony Jumper Low-Density Floppy Drive, YE-DATA Jumper Low-Density Floppy Drive, Epson Jumper Low-Density Floppy Drive, MITSUMI low-density jump Line Floppy Drive, Panasonic Jumper Low-Density Floppy Drive, Mitsubishi Jumper Low-Density Floppy Drive, CITIZEN Jumper Low-Density Floppy Drive, NEC Jumper Low-Density Floppy Drive, "the world' S total sales ".

Shenzhen WELKIN INDUSTRY LIMITED [China portal Floppy Drive is a Hong Kong-based high-tech multinational conglomerates to "Shaanxi Shandong Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, " the major base of operations, through the online (On-Line) and offline (Off-Line) the way international business is committed to providing Internet-based e-commerce and industry information and market value-added services for the world 500 strong enterprises with a dedicated industrial computer-based floppy disk drives and the secondary development of after-sales business operated by the Company brands, including TEAC floppy drive, Sony floppy, YE-DATA floppy, Epson floppy, MITSUMI Floppy Drive, Panasonic floppy drive, Mitsubishi floppy, CITIZEN floppy, NEC floppy drive, IBM ZIP 250MB floppy drive. Ramasun International Group, Inc. Goal is to become the information industry experts and major industrial storage drive & read expert.
Mr. Xu Peng
Marketing Department
No. 123, Hengchang Business Street, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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