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May 24, 2024
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COMPANY PROFILE: QIAO is a company that focused on aluminum alloy custom household industry, the company is mainly cover indoor doors, sliding doors, cloakrooms doors as its core products. The product series including: Minimalist household hardware systems, Minimalist light luxury finished door series, Minimalist aluminum alloy profile systems. The company also provides high-end imported sheet, sintered stone material series, including personalized customization of Cabinet board, personalized customization of wardrobe door panels, according to different plates design thousands of matching scheme. QIAO product style is popular in Italy, with minimalist design and high-quality product design and manufacturing as the two core elements, that focus on the integrity of the design, exquisite materials, as well as product details and craftsmanship to create high-quality and high-grade products. Ou company always adheres to the business philosophy of "cooperation, sharing, and win-win", to create a minimalist professional supply chain platform for high-end consumers to choose the best products, as well as to provide the most specialized technology solutions.

ORIGIN OF THE COMPANY: The reason for the birth of the company: With the development of society, people's living conditions are getting better and better, and the pursuit of a better life is getting higher and higher. For contemporary people, the yearning and pursuit of a better life runs through every stage of our lives, whether it is the inner spirit or the outer material.

Corresponding to the custom furniture industry we are in, consumers' requirements for custom furniture have already risen from the use of function to quality and taste. At the same time, the aesthetics has become high-end and life high quality. Also known as "fashion", "unique", and "elite".

Therefore, the born of QIAO will close to the new era and the high-end consumer groups as the core goal, Let QIAO products make minimalist customization into simple and noble quality!

COMPANY MISSION: Let Minimalist customization into simple and noble quality!
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