Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for Water Treatment

US $ 850-1,100/TonFOB
MOQ: 2 Tons

Plastic Mulch Film for Vegetation Cover

US $ 2,000/TonFOB
MOQ: 2 Yards

Yellow Asbestos Bag

US $ 0.25-0.3/PieceFOB
MOQ: 10,000 Pieces

Activated Carbon for Air Purification Use

US $ 1,080-1,100/TonFOB
MOQ: 1 Ton

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for Gold Mine

US $ 1,250-1,300/TonFOB
MOQ: 1 Ton

Nutshell Gold Recovery Activated Carbon

US $ 1,000-1,056/TonFOB
MOQ: 1 Ton

Activated Carbon

US $ 1,300/TonFOB
MOQ: 1 Ton

White-Black Agricultural Film

US $ 22/RollFOB
MOQ: 100 Rolls

UV Resist Plastic Greenhouse Film

US $ 1,900/TonFOB
MOQ: 2 Tons

Ivory Plastic Disposable Car Seat Cover

US $ 0.055-0.056/PieceFOB
MOQ: 10,000 Pieces

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