Taizhou Newland Machinery Co., Ltd

Mar 23, 2023
Company Overview
Since 2008

Newland is recognized as one of the well-known Chinese manufacturers of pressure washer, generators and water pump with professional air-cooled internal combustion engine technology, and high-pressure pump technology.

Newland's product are widely distributed on the Internet business which combines technology, customization and unique style. In Europe where classic design is admired, even in the United Kingdom and Germany, there are also quite a lot users. The bright and bold color scheme is also very popular in the Latin market.

Newland also serve professional customers with solutions based on different pressures and flows to solve industrial-grade cleaning problems in harsh environments. We provide a wealth of solutions including portable power supply for the drilling equipment cleaning in desert, wharf hulls rust removal, ocean-going vessels deck cleaning, and gas stations safety cleaning.

Newland focus on supporting clients with high-quality products to minimizing the energy and expenses that customers spend on after-sales so you can devoting more precious time and resources on market development. We provide our clients with great quality commitment. We promise lifetime warranty for all diesel engine crankshaft used on NEWLAND products.
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