Ningbo Sine Magnetic Co., Ltd.

Gold Member
Audited Supplier

Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Member Since: 2012

Arc Shaped Permanent Hard Ferrite Magnet

US $ 1.2/PieceFOB
MOQ: 10,000 Pieces

Strong Permanent Rectangular Neodymium Magnet

US $ 2.5/PieceFOB
MOQ: 100 Pieces

Rectangle /Block /Square Neodymium Magnet (NdFeB)

US $ 0.3/PieceFOB
MOQ: 200 Pieces

Rectangle Neodymium

US $ 0.3/PieceFOB
MOQ: 200 Pieces

Big Block Neo Magnet (NdFeB Magnet) N40 / N45 / N48

US $ 0.4/PieceFOB
MOQ: 200 Pieces

Block NdFeB/ Rectangle Neodymium (N52/ N50)

US $ 2/PieceFOB
MOQ: 200 Pieces

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