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Aug 10, 2023
Company Overview
Magic Cube(MQ) Acoustics is a professional acoustic solution provider, integrating acoustic material manufacturing, architectural acoustical environment construction and industrial noise control. Our products are developed and designed by authoritative acoustic experts and designers to ensure the acoustic performance and decorative effect of the materials.

We are committed to the combination of Acoustics & Aesthetic, to offering our clients the best acoustic solution with high quality acoustic material.

In order to meet the higher needs of customers, we has introduced advanced production equipment which has fully guaranteed product quality and technology. After 5 years of rapid development, we has an annual output of more than 500, 000 square meters of various acoustic materials.

The main raw material suppliers have cooperated for more than 10 years and the quality and delivery time are guaranteed.

Magic Cube(MQ) Acoustics specialize in developing and manufacturing various acoustic materials. As we know, there are two main ways to solve noise problems. Reducing sound energy by absorbing echo pressures which is called "sound absorption", and blocking sound inside or outside which is called "sound insulation".

Sound absorbing materials: Wooden MDF acoustics panel, polyester fiber acoustics panel, fabric wrapped acoustics panel, wood wool panel, as well as ceiling suspended absorber, fiber glass ceiling and all kinds of ceiling baffle.

Sound insulating and vibration damping materials: Movable partitions, sound barrier, mass loaded vinyl, sound insulation systems.
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