Xuzhou Meilian Glass Products Co., Ltd.

Jan 2, 2024
Company Overview
Enterprise that have passed ISO9001 certification, Products mainly include seasoning glass bottles, jam glass bottles, pickles glass bottles, Chili sauce glass bottles, shrimp paste glass bottles, sweet noodle sauce glass bottles, caviar glass bottles, mud snail glass bottles, soy sauce glass bottles, balsamic oil glass bottles, fermented bean curd glass bottles, pepper glass bottles, sesame oil glass bottles, olive oil glass bottles, ginger juice glass bottles, camellia oil glass bottles, walnut oil glass bottles, mustard glass bottles, liquor glass bottles, fruit wine glass bottles, Ice wine glass bottle, red wine glass bottle, health wine glass bottle, wine glass bottle, wine glass jar, cup glass bottle, wine jar glass jar, beverage glass bottle, soda glass bottle, fruit juice glass bottle, Coca-Cola glass bottle, apple vinegar glass bottle, canned glass bottle, honey glass bottle, bird's nest glass bottle, medicine glass bottle, brine glass bottle, loquat paste glass bottle, ink glass bottle, pesticide glass bottle and flower Biological glass bottle, Cordyceps glass bottle, fungus tissue culture glass bottle, health glass bottle, coffee glass bottle, cereal glass bottle, milk glass bottle, yogurt glass bottle, tea glass bottle, pudding glass bottle, Ejiao glass bottle, oral liquid glass bottle, cosmetic glass bottle, aromatherapy glass bottle, perfume glass bottle, candlestick glass bottle, high white glass candlestick, glass wind lamp, alcohol lamp, water glass bottle, coffee glass, special glass for bar, handle glass and spirits glass After 7-15 days of new product development, glass products can be customized according to customer requirements, new product shapes and molds can be designed in the shortest time, and samples can be baked, engraved and frosted for customers. The company consigns goods (cars, LTL, containers, train skins). The company's bottle cap factory produces all kinds of tinplate bottle caps, aluminum caps, wine bottle caps, aromatherapy bottle caps and plastic bottle caps. Special covers can be customized according to customers' design requirements. Welcome new and old customers to order by letter, and our company welcomes you to come with high quality service. We have become a fixed trading partner with you with excellent product quality and real price! !
Mr. Eason Pan
Sales Manager
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Jiangzhan Village, Mapo Town, Tongshan District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China
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