Shenzhen Lumeijinyu Electronics Co., Ltd.

May 22, 2023
Company Overview
Shenzhen lumei Jinyu Electronics Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2009, is a professional production of double-sided, multi-layer high-precision circuit board and OEM, ODM integration enterprise. It has a production area of more than 50000 square meters, more than 2000 employees and a monthly production capacity of 1.5 million square feet. The main products are high-precision through-hole board, , multi-layer circuit board, flexible circuit board, Rigid and flexible board and PCB Assembly, while providing SMT supporting services to customers.

Lvmay strives to be a win-win partner with customers, advocates quality first, and provides customers with reliable one-stop interconnection solutions. Our products are widely used in military units, scientific research and development, quantum satellites, industrial control, medical equipment, aerospace, drones, unmanned vehicles, high-speed rail trains, new energy batteries, power electronics, automobile LED lights, security, and other high-tech industries, providing customers with all aspects of product services, and have been unanimously recognized by many customers at home and abroad.

Our Advantage

A. High speed: High speed and large capacity, large size, high aspect ratio, high density backplane and system board, various back drilling processes, high speed simulation and testing capabilities, widely used in communication base stations, routers, switches, Network communication equipment such as service/storage

B. RF Microwave: Mixed-pressure and local-mixed voltage, high-precision RF line control, and various step-groove processes, widely used in communication base stations, microwave communication, and self-driving anti-collision radar

C. Thermal Management: Metal-based and thick copper PCB, multi-functional integration, embedded power devices, ultra-thick copper processing technology, mainly used in communication base station amplifiers, power modules, power devices, new energy vehicles, etc

D. Miniaturization: One-stop miniaturization solution, high-density HDI and package substrate, SIP system-level packaging technology, multiple rigid-flexible structures, embedded active chips and passive devices, mainly used in industrial control, medical, aerospace and communications industries
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