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KEENTOOL specializes in development and manufacturing of a series of Stone Cutting Machinery, Stone Drilling Machinery, Diamond Wire, Diamond Tools and some other Quarry Consumables for the ornamental stone industry with 16+ years experience, and has built up it's proven track record in continuous development with timeless effort to deliver premium quality and value-added service to our customers and partners from domestic and oversea markets. We consistently aims to offer a wide range of value-added services and turnkey solutions to assist the natural stone companies to achieve the best economic benefits from the mining and factory business operations with effective cost control and minimum environmental impact.

KEENTOOL will deliver quality and value-added service to you as below:

Cutting/Sawing Machines& Equipment for natural stone quarry

Drilling Machines/Rigs for ornamental stone mine

Quarry Diamond Wires for natural stone quarry and block trimming

Mono Diamond Wires for block cutting and profiling of natural stone

Diamond Wires for all-around civil cutting applications

Tools and consumables for natural stone quarry development

Diamond tools for stone and concrete cutting/core drilling and polishing

Full consultant service in establishing and developing new stone quarry

Contract service for production and natural stone mining operation

- For Natural Stone Quarry:

Package supply of quarry machinery, tools and consumables for natural sonte quarries of granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, travertine and slate. Including Wire Cutting Machine, DTH Drilling Machine, block trimming wire saw, diamond wire, generators and air compressors, and all related tools and equipment for the quarry development.

Consultant service for project evaluation, quarry development and mining construction

Consultant and marketing service for block distribution

-For stone Factory:

Total solution and package supply of machinery and diamond tools for stone cutting, profiling, drilling and polishing, such as block cutting machine, bridge circular saw machine, bridge eage cutting machine, static stationary wire saw machine; Diamodn wire, diamond blade, diamond segments, diamond core drill, diamond fickert, diamond cup wheels and diamond polishing tools etc.

-For civil construction:

Total solution and consult service for wire cutting of civil construction like old buildings, bridge, dams, highway, rail way, steel structure and underwater cutting of kinds of pipes.

Package supply of machinery, diamond wire and other consumables for wire cutting of civil construction

Diamond blade for cutting concrete, reinforced concrete and asphalt

Diamond Core Drills for concrete reinforced concrete, wall and asphalt

Diamond polisher for polishing of concrete floor, wall and blocks

The core values of our company is to create value for customers, provide opportunities for staff and make benefits for the society. Our principle for business is customer-oriented and quality first. Keen looks forward to cooperating with you.

Experience for diamond tools since 1989

Quarry machine & diamond wire production since 2008

Equipment & tools supply for stone quarrying

Consulting service for stone quarry development

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