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May 23, 2024
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Xiamen Peihong Machinery Co., Ltd. ( Refer to "Lueb" )is one of the world leading solution provider of product coding & marking equipment utilizing Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) Printer, Countinuous Ink Jet(CIJ) Printer and Laser Marking Machine technology.

We dedicate ourselves to create the most effective and environmentally conscious solutions for the market. Helping partners and customers achieve their business targets, by supplying reliable and cost-effective products.

We are the provider of product coding & marking equipment utilizing Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) technology. For more than 10 years, we dedicate ourselves to provide the most reliable coding solution, servicing clients over 100 countries worldwide.

Food & Beverage packaging is always a challenge due to the versatility of substrates and production lines. Whether highspeed production line, non-contact bottle coding, production system integration, or ink selection for different substrate material, LUEB (refer to Xiamen Peihong Machinery Co., Ltd) will help you to choose the best solution. Your production line can be improved after choosing our inkjet printer.

Full line of thermal inkjet printers for high-resolution text, bar codes, and graphics

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) printing technology is an ideal fit for applications where high quality print is essential and ease of use is a primary consideration. With maintenance requirements consisting of a simple wipe of the cartridge print array and printhead, LUEB brand thermal inkjet printers provide unparalleled simplicity.

From basic alphanumeric codes to complex bar codes and graphics, LUEB thermal inkjet printers help improve users' productivity, quality, and efficiency targets with features like automatic cartridge setup, advanced data handling, and portable ink level tracking.

For fast industrial production lines, the LUEB200S thermal inkjet printer offers simple packaging line integration and scalable options.

For pharmaceutical and medical device packaging, LUEB thermal inkjet printers provide high-resolution traceability codes and high read rate bar codes along with clean, no-mess operation and solid-state electronics.

To provide a coding solution that is not only Cost Saving and Reliable but with a true Customer Satisfactory Experience to all our clients and end users.
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