Jiangyin Jiuhong Technology Co., Ltd.

Nov 7, 2022
Company Overview
Thirteen years ago, three boys became good friends because of their love of gardening. They found that everyone would encounter the same problem in the planting process-plant support. The products at that time were either harmful to plants or expensive. So they decided to open a company to solve this problem. This company was called Jiangyin Jiuhong Technology Co., Ltd. They selected the coconut shreds imported from Thailand as the raw materials to make moss pole and coconut palm flower baskets. Such products are not only low-priced and high-quality, but also green and environmentally friendly. Now their factory has mature production technology and advanced production equipment, with an average daily output of 8, 000 moss poles or 4, 000 coconut palm flower baskets, which are long-term supply for Amazon sellers in China and around the world. At the same time provide a variety of gardening accessories and packaging color boxes, as well as various customized services. Now these three boys have grown into three mature men, and they are still working hard to make greater achievements in the gardening industry.
Mrs. Huang
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9613, Building C, 6 xiongyuan Road, Chengjiang Cross Border E-Commerce Industrial Park, Jiangyin City
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