Shenzhen Jemstone Technology Co., Ltd.

Mar 31, 2023
Company Overview
Shenzhen Jemstone Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional and leading manufacturer of paper composite cans In China.? We have 15 years of industry experience and advanced production lines to meet various large-volume quantity needs. We specialize in the Paper cans production of leisure food cans, potato chips container, pratein powder can, coffee and tea cans. Spice and salt cans etc. Our paper composite cans are exported to many regions like North America, Middle East.

Jemstone Packaging is one stop solution for all your packaging needs if you are looking for the best packaging boxes manufacturer for your products packaging. We offer all sizes and shapes of custom boxes without any limitation of minimum quantity for your order. This allows you to place orders according to your requirements and your convenience.

Jemstone Packaging is experienced packaging manufacturer and sincerely committed to providing excellence while at the same time, being considerate towards the environment. That is why, we use eco-friendly solutions for packaging. Not only are our boxes recyclable, but they are also bio degradable, due to which, you do not have to worry about their disposal.

You can get free 3D mock-up of your specifications from jemstone Packaging, so that you can see what your packaging would look like in real. Apart from that, we also offer free graphic designing services so that you can take help from our creative designers to get the best end product.

Jemstone Packaging provide assistance to our clients in every way to make their dream a reality. We offer the fastest turnaround time because we know the importance of time in business. Therefore, you can get your order fulfilled within only 8-10 working days.

So get in touch with us today to place your orders with the best in business. For more information, contact us at
Miss Jing Liu
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