Sep 13, 2019
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Company Overview

Intellhydro Technology limited company has been dedicated in IoT products from 2009. With a focus on producing high quality products at affordable prices, Intellhydro become a leading supplier of RFID products, such as Rugged handheld PDAs with RFID Readers, RFID Labels, RFID tags. RFID technology plays an important role in IoT and Industry 4.0. A physical item in reality can be connected to a virtual digital data in IT system automatically when an RFID tag been tagged. The RFID technology expands to every corner of the world recently as a sign of the era of big data. From 2015, INTELLHYDRO TECHNOLOGY built several advanced Flip-chip and converting production lines with annual production capacity of hundreds of millions. INTELLHYDRO is becoming one of the largest manufacturer of RFID products. As a deep partner of biggest RFID tag producer, INTELLHYDRO has huge production capability in RFID antenna etching production, FLIP bonding base, and worldwide converting manufactures as the top-quality level in Japan and Germany.

Our production line covers RFID Reader, RFID Label, RFID tags. Dedicated to providing high-quality RFID product design and manufacturing services, IoT industry solutions and industrial 4.0 tags customization. Our products have been widely used in smart city solutions, such as waste management, car park management, retail inventory tracking, warehousing and logistics, industrial manufacturing process management, farm and ranch management, forestry management, etc. We continue to explore new market in IoT filed by Increasing investment in scientific research, market research, and explore suitable partners across all regions.
By providing competitive solution and OEM/ODM service, Intellhydro is the long-term partner of more than 200 customers in over 30 countries, which are scattered in logistics, transportation, healthcare, finance, retail, electric power, livestock, manufacturing, security, warehousing industry field, etc.
Intellhydro has consistently upheld the core values in Honesty & Integrity, Collaboration, Excellence, and Profit sharing to serve its valuable partners around the world. And with no reservation, Intellhydro will continue to provide advanced invention with thoughtful, responsive service and always to create a win-win future for all participated partnership.

Our Unique Advantages

There are lots of suppliers of similar products. Why choose Intellhydro?

As most companies may give answers such as: Higher cost performance, fast delivery, OEM/ODM, professional R&D and technology support, perfect after-sales service, etc.

Intellhydro still have these basic advantages. And we have more than that.

1. Honesty and Reliability.

We take honesty the most important element when it comes to an oversea business. Trust is the first key to start a real win-win business relationship.

2. Open Mind and Flexibility.

We will try our best to give a quick and flexible solution for the clients' special requirements instead of sticking to rigid regulations.

3. Fast Response.

To maintain a high work efficiency, we will reply your email or solve your problem within 8 hours. Our sales have good understanding ability and sense of responsibility.

4. Profit sharing and Opportunities.

We are finding new expanding ways in worldwide market. If you have special ideas, strong selling tubes and are interested to be our area agent, please send us email.

Company Culture

Intellhydro has a creative and passionate young team who love intelligent electronic products and believe technology can make our life convenient, work efficient and world connected better.

Intellhydro think technology products should be like water: Common, essential, flowing, flexible and affordable. Under this belief, we insist to provide the best quality product with a reasonable price, and will always research and develop new products by following the market needs.
Ms. Martha
Sales Manager
Oversea Sales Department
C030, 10th Floor, Block 4, Saige Technology park, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guang Dong Province, China.
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