Lianyungang Hongkang Quartz Products Co., Ltd.

May 14, 2024
Company Overview
Lianyungang Hong Kang quartz Products Co., Ltd. is located in "Chinese quartz Center ---- Donghai County, Jiangsu Province. Hong Kang Technology Company is a production and sales of high-tech materials industry. The company mainly involved in: A the quartz industry (quartz plate, quartz windows, quartz observation window, gold-plated quartz plate, etc. ), the semiconductor industry, fiber industry (quartz tube, quartz tail rod, hand-held stick products) and the solar industry. The products include all kinds of quartz products, quartz tube, thick-walled quartz tube, the back cover of quartz tube, quartz rod (the ingot furnace quasi long grain test quartz rod, fiber quartz rod, high purity quartz rod, fiber optic lighting quartz rod), quartz plate, quartz products, quartz parts, quartz boat, quartz block, quartz cleaning tank, quartz mound, quartz sight glass, quartz ring, quartz flange, quartz crucible, quartz beaker, quartz tube, quartz, quartz reagent bottle of quartz, quartz instruments.

The Hong Kang Shiying professional production of all kinds of quartz glass with, semiconductor the (quartz boat, tube cleaning tank), microelectronics (quartz-oxidation furnace, grinding mouth diffusion furnace, sintering furnace tube, the reaction tube, quartz rod groove boat, quartz journey, boat-shaped quartz boat, the semicircle boat, flat boat. Quartz groove cleaning flowers blue, the circular sieve bottom cleaning blue flowers, to cleaning with a quartz square cylinder, square quartz Cup. Quartz plastic bottles, Shiying Yuan bottle, quartz bubbling bottles. Quartz pure water heater, quartz hook), optoelectronics, solar energy (suction pen, waste container, the source bottle insulation mass diffusion tube, quartz boat, the PECVD pipe and furnace insulation tube), Chemicals (quartz beaker, flask, flask, spherical flask, flask, spherical cold Instrument, serpentine cold Instrument, distillation high water horizontal distiller, secondary distillation of high pure water, silicon tetrachloride fractionator Park The bottom evaporating dish, flat-bottomed evaporating dish, test tubes, watch glass, triangular funnel, separating funnel) quartz glass products, specializing in the production of various types of semiconductor quartz tooling, specializing in the production of semiconductor industry, according to customer requirements.

A, in accordance with the drawings of the customer, or in accordance with the requirements of customers design. B, with a number of semiconductor and solar photovoltaic companies have partnerships, quality and reputation can be assured. C, my company's products in addition to selling more than twenty provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. We are currently the main supporting customers in Taiwan, 70% of quartz products exported to Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, Russia and other countries D, raw materials used in domestic high-purity, GE, Heraeus, high purity quartz. E, we have timely support services, to provide maintenance for customers to solve all your worries.

The increasing development of China's high-tech, microelectronics (solar photovoltaic), optical fiber manufacturing industry, Hong Kang Danying is willing to work with you together to seek common development!
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No. 3, Fuchen Road, Donghai Economic&Development Zone, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China
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