Suzhou Fwulong Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

Mar 2, 2021
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Company Overview
Suzhou Fwu-Long Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional

Company to develop, design, produce and sell various kinds of amusement

Equipment. Right now, we have 4 factories for mechanical, airtight, inflatable

And special equipment.

Our products are devided into 7 categories:

1. Water mechanical

Pedal boat, paddler boat, bumper boat, plastic water roller, laser bumper boat

2. Land mechanical:

Adult/kid bumper car, medium gel coated/luxury/star bumper car, star armor, happy car, swing motorcycle, animal drift car, racing car, medium American/European/cartoon tour train, mini CFR/traditional train, American/CFR track train/hydraulic excavator, mini electric excavator, inflatable battery car, simulation animal/Walking dinosaur/simulation scence

3. Water airtight

Water roller, water walking ball, water park, water obstacle, water

Inflatable landscape, etc

4. Inflatable pool

Inflatable pool, tent pool, inflatable tent, grass zorbing ball, bumper ball,

Water bag, inflatable scence, etc

5. Inflatables

Inflatable climbing wall, slide, obstacle, castle, bungee, mase, tunnel, etc

6. Advertising inflatables

Inflatable air dancer, cartoon costume, arch, screen, model

7. Special products

Big/small carousel, big/small tour train, various mechanical rotary series

Our company is located at Suzhou modern SIP, where have good communicate

And beautiful views. We have standard factories 20000m2. We have certificates of

ASTM in 2007, CE and TUV, and also many patents. We are a member of CAAPA and IAAPA.

Our company is featured as strong develop, various models and good opinions from

Clients. Besed on confidence, safety, quality and service, our company weill keep on

'FWULONG'brand to supply best quality products and service and to make a new

World for kid park in 21st century.

Fwulong vision: Be No. 1 brand of removable amusement equipment industry in the world

Fwulong mission: Create superior amusement equipment, give worldwide children a safe

And happy childhood

Fwulong purpose: Integrate industry resources, aggregate excellence in all directions,

Creating a new era of amusement

Fwulong spirit: Aggressive, stick to quality, keep innovation

Fwulong coming, money arrival, Fwulong product, quick built quick profit
Ms. Li Min
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China Industrial Park, 99 Jinji Hu Avenue, Suzhou, Nancheng North West District 12 401, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
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