Nov 9, 2023
Company Overview
Our company offers variety of products which can meet your multifarious demands. We adhere to the management principles of "quality first, customer first and credit-based" since the establishment of the company and always do our best to satisfy potential needs of our customers. Our company is sincerely willing to cooperate with enterprises from all over the world in order to realize a win-win situation since the trend of economic globalization has developed with anirresistible force.

Let me show u our products

TB love baby diapers/nappies

Strong stretchy waistband help the diaper stay in place and flexing with the baby's every move. High 3D leak prevention channel close to the body without side leakage, PP tape can be resued and strong paste convenient and flexible easy to put on and off. Intimate urine display reminder to remind to change diapers. Super absorbent, can quickly absorb, when remove the wetness in second to help keep baby dry and happy.


Super absorbent polymer also called slush powder is a highly water absorbent polymer which is a cross-linked poly, SAP can absorb 500-1, 000 times its weight in water and 50-70times in synthetic unrine, it is essentially water insoluble. Sumitomo, BASF, Sandia and LG is the famous brand of SAP in the present market. The largest use of SAPs is found in personal disposable hygiene products, such as baby diapers, adult diapers and sanitary napkins.

TB Super absorbent core

Super absorbent core is the main part of the personal disposable hygiene products, such as baby diapers, adult diapers and sanitary napkins. 5layers with SAP, fluffy cotton and non woven fabric or airlaid paper. Absorb unrine faster than fluffy absorbent core will more diier and comfortable. The feature of our super absorbent core is soft, absorptive, good in touch, straight and proper wetness. Pallet and PE film wrapping packing method will save space load on container.

What is super absorbent core?

1. Super absorbent core is a disposable new material for all disposable hygiene products

2. It has 5 layers-non woven fabric, SAP&cotton

Compare with fluffy pulp:

1. More comfortable

2. More breathable

3. Higher absorbent

4. Low back infiltrating
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