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Jan 20, 2023
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An enterprise is an economic growth organism operated and managed by people.

The purpose of the company is to create customers and effectively use the financial resources, to complete the marketing activities and innovation as the function, and then obtain appropriate profits. The trend is indispensable, and only comply with the trend, walk in front of the trend, in order to promote the rapid development of the company, to hope.

History of Fenglian:

The company was established in 1991, the factory site: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Houjie Town Chiling industrial zone, an area of 10, 000 square meters, building floor 6000 square meters.

The company has four production lines, three shifts, 24 hours production, 180 employees, monthly output of 200 metric tons, 36, 000 beds.

The company early in Taiwan to produce E. V. A foaming sole and rubber sole, is one of the earliest development of E. V. A foaming factory in Taiwan.

In 1991, the company successfully launched two separate E. V. A, PE foam board in China, because the product has eight absolute characteristics of the function, it has won the industry's love and affirmation.

Since 2012, the company has developed the new business of water sports auxiliary equipment, such as: Swim board, clamp foot, float back, water dumbbell, float strip, five series, surfboard, life jacket, surfsuit and so on. Among them, we cooperate with famous brands including Li Ning, Speedo, Arena, TYR and so on.

The company sells a wide range of domestic sporting goods, construction, air conditioning, heat preservation, cold industry, footwear materials, agriculture, fishing and animal husbandry, backpacks, clothing, processing industry. More direct sales to the United States, Japan, southeast Asian countries and a large number of mainland China.

In this rapidly changing high-tech era, any industry must be cautious and conscientious to seek innovation and change, otherwise it will be eliminated. In view of this, since the establishment of the company, always have a long and short term plan for a rainy day, in the future, with the scale and reputation, in addition to the stability of the current widely recognized by customers of quality, and actively develop better foaming technology, wide access to high-tech advanced countries of technical information, more efforts to develop other new business. With the smooth operation of our company and the multiplication of demand and production, we have confidence in our future development and will share our dear customers with the efforts of all our colleagues.
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