Shanghai Feituo Pigment Co.,Ltd.

Company Overview
Shanghai feituo pigment Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in high-grade pigment research and development and sales, the main products include high-temperature phthalocyanine green series, easy dispersion chrome molybdenum chrome red series, fluorescent whitening agent series, ultra-fine pigment carbon black series, environmental protection ultramarine and additives and other products. The company with domestic scientific research institutions and a number of pigment factory take associated route, joint development of new products, some products have reached the international leading level, through the European Union SGS detection of non-toxic environmental standards, widely used in high-grade printing ink, paint, floor paint rolled steel hot melt marking paint, plastic Color Masterbatch, paint color paste printing, rubber, crayons, stationery color field.

Company sincerely welcome all circles at home and abroad a person with breadth of vision joined cooperation, sincerely welcome all sectors of the community to come to visit, study, business negotiations, and seek common development.
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Shihudang Town, Shanghai, China
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