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Beiqi Suntae (Zibo) Automotive Co., Ltd. Was established on December 29, 2016. Its registered address is Economic Development Zone, Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province(shareholder composition: Zibo Suntae Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Beijing Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zibo Jinde Construction and Development Co., Ltd. ). With registered capital of 60 million yuan. Scope of Business: Manufacture, sale, after-sales service and related product technology development of special passenger cars, special trucks, special operation vehicles, new energy logistics vehicles, special vehicles, electric vehicles and accessories. With the micro-logistics and professional top-loading design, the company is positioned in the high-tech enterprise of intelligent, expert, modular and specialized electric logistics vehicle manufacturing, and strives to build the leading brand in the field of micro-logistics electric vehicle.

2008.5: We got in wind solar power industry as a manufacturer of permanent magnet generator.

2009-2011: We developed PM generator from small capacity 300W to medium capacity 500KW, and got own patented small

Capacity wind turbine.

2010: We supplied many hybrid wind solar power system, hybrid wind solar traffic lighting system, hybrid wind solar heating

System for home, commercial and factory use. We took part in wind farm project, began to develop 1MW, 1.5MW, 3.6MW

Permanent magnet generator with partners.

2011: We took wind farm projects in charge of wind plant design, construction arrangement, installation arrangement,

Maintenance arrangement in the process.

2012-2013: As micro grid system goes, we put products into updated business model, and integrate all to EIFMGS.

Meanwhile, electric car comes into our attention. Based on our production and RD ability of permanent magnet generator,

We began to develop permanent magnet brushless motor for electric vehicle, and expanded motor applications to general

Industry use with its high efficiency.

2014: We expanded motor business to brushless DC, stepper/servo, asynchronous motor drive system, and made it as an important

Seperate part of business EIFMOTOR.

2015-2017: We enhanced our motor strengths on aspects: Improve motor test line, combine servo motor, drive with gearbox to fulfil

As intelligent unit, expand applications of asynchrnous motor to be a special customized motor part. For another part, we have cooperation

With SUNATE EV, we can support EV assembly line construction projects, and supply our motor drive system together.

2018: Now we have EIFMotor absorbedly improving automation and EV motor drive system field applications and EIFMGS strengthening

Our competition and cooperation on micro grid system business also with technical consultant for wind farm and related projects.
Mr. Forrest Bian
General Manager
International Business Department
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No. 168 Weisan Road, Linzi District, Zibo, Shandong, China
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