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Dec 1, 2023
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Company Overview
Qingdao East Power Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd is in line of all kinds of boilers: Fluid liquid and gas fuel boiler series, Solid fuel boiler, Power station series boiler and some boiler accessories. And these boilers are of high quality, environment protected & Energy conserved. It has been approved by the Provincial Environment Department.

And we can manufacture and supply boiler as per CE, ASME, AS standar, also with these certification.

Furthmore, our company can make some Steam turbines and generators, and has become the major boiler auxiliary supplier in Qingdao city, Shandong Province.

Our boilers have been used well in all Chinese regions, also have been exported to Australia (has got their certificate), Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Philippine, Kzakstan, Russia, Africa(such as Angora, Uganda, Ethiopia), Latin American, etc. We have been cooperating with USA for vessel project, are cooperating with Spain and Germany company for boler CE project.

Quality control system

Each worker must has the Certificate before joining in and starting work.

Each producing process is marked Work Number of the Workman and Inspector, and input the information to computer procedure. So we can check the person responsible swiftly.

Each welding line is inspected rigorously with radiographic test and X-rays is saved to official file.

Each boiler is tested seriously with water pressure and inspected by the Shandong province Institute of Specific Equipment Inspection and Research, then get the Product Safe Characteristic Supervision Inspect

We offer the products with high quality and competitive price and hope we have a good cooperation with you.
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