Jianye Industrial Oils and Fats

Dec 28, 2017
Company Overview
JIANYE Oil and grease focuses exclusively on the business of Used Cooking Oil, covering the collection, refinement, development, processing, manufacturing and export of all kinds of used cooking oil in China. JIANYE Oil and grease is aiming to be largest UCO producer and exporter in the coming 5 years. WE have been successfully exported hundreds of thousands of tons of UCO to UK and European market so far. JIANYE Oil and grease factory is able to collect and produce around 5000 -- 10000 tons per month at present, depending on the specific product details from the clients worldwide. We are dedicated to be the best supplier for some bio-diesel companies worldwide!
Mr. Zhaojianchao
Heping Street Wenming Road No. 2, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
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