Cisha-China Corporation

Jul 25, 2007
Company Overview
CISHA-CHINA Corporation Trade and Investment Consulting Firm was founded in China in 1997. In order to meet the rapidly growing business demands of mainland China, we have established our headquarters in Shanghai, the Financial, Commercial, Technological, Industrial Innovation and Research center of China. Our mission is to assist foreign companies to expand into and achieve success in the Chinese market.

As an enterprise wishing to penetrate the Chinese market, you may be wondering:
Who can help me expand my business into China?
How can I find my way through the jumble Chinese laws and Regulations?
How can I find the right manufacturer?
How can I find a reliable partner for a joint venture?
Which legal form is suitable for my business?

CISHA-CHINA can help you find the answers to these questions and more.

We possess strong relationships with local Governments, Trade Unions, Business Associations and Private Enterprises, which we can leverage to help your business achieve its objectives. Furthermore, we have an extensive network of reputable Chinese companies seeking foreign partners in the areas of Trade, Investment, Technology Transfer and Financial and Joint Strategic Management.

In addition to being the world's fastest growing economy with a 1.3 billion-consumer market and a low cost labor force, China's current accession into the WTO is creating ever more business opportunities.

Our multicultural and multilingual team of professionals is ready to assist your business in expanding into the world's most rapidly growing market.
Ms. Gloria Wang
Holiday Inn Office Tower Suite 707, 899 Dongfang Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China
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