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Jun 8, 2024
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Company Overview
Wuxi House Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is an international trading company established in 2014. Its main business are the sales /installation industrial boilers and auxiliary machines. Air spinning polyester cotton(OE) yarn sales, non-ferrous metal (aluminum alloy, zinc alloy) products casting and mold customization business, and spray drying equipment and all kinds of bird feeder products sales.

In terms of the sales /installation industrial boilers and auxiliary machines, our company has the agency rights of Taihu Boiler and Jencee boiler, and has many foreign customers operation projects. At present, the boiler project customers are mainly distributed in Central America, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Central Asia, etc. Boiler manufacture company has A class manufacturing license, ASME certification, ISO9001\14000 and so on. We have rich export experience of complete sets of machinery products, and professional technical and installation team for support, for our complete sets of machinery products export and installation and debugging to provide a guarantee, but also for customers to solve the problem of installation.

As for OE (polyester cotton) yarn, we have the largest LANTIAN company in China as our production and supplier. With a total investment of 500 million yuan(RMB), the company has several sets of advanced imported air spinning complete sets of production equipment. Imported 75 sets of rotary spinning machine, daily output of all kinds of OE blended tube yarn nearly 200 tons, is the largest OE blended tube yarn professional manufacturer in China. The main varieties are OE 5-32 T/C yarn, CVC yarn, T/R yarn and other kinds of electric clean node-blended tube yarns, widely used in all kinds of electric clear knotless fabrics, linings, terry and Yarn for leather fabrics, interlining and industrial cloth. Each flower cleaning production line is equipped with Swiss imported heterogeneous-fiber sorting machine; The quality inspection center of the company is equipped with advanced testing equipment such as Uster yarn eveness tester.

About of mold customization and non-ferrous metal (aluminum alloy, zinc alloy) products, company has several die-casting machines for aluminum alloy and zinc alloy (88 tons -800 tons) and several high precision machining machines. As an enterprise with many years of experience in mold design, development and manufacturing in the casting industry, the main customers of the existing products are Kovos, Skybest and many other well-known enterprises in China, and the products are mainly involved in the manufacturing of small household appliance parts, auto parts, furniture parts, textile machinery parts and other precision light metal parts etc...

In addition, our other business, such as suppliers of spray drying equipment and bird feeder, they all have many years of foreign trade supply experience to ensure the quality and advancement of products. Spray drying equipment manufacturers have independent research capabilities, products are widely used in food industry, chemical industry, medicine industry, electronics industry, powder metallurgy industry, national defense industry and other industries. The company has passed the ISO9000 certification, has four patents, is in a leading position in the industry in China. Bird feeder suppliers have been supplying for the mainstream supermarkets in Europe and America for many years, the products are fashionable and popular among users.

After years of operation, Horse power company with good service as always and good reputation of high-quality products, now the company has a number of loyal international customers. In order to many customers who want to buy inexpensive and high-quality Chinese products can have the opportunity, we will continue to use the most enthusiastic attitude to serve you, we are willing to make in China to bring you and me more win-win opportunities!
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