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Sep 28, 2023
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Yingfente children's shoes, established in 1999, focusing on -7 years old baby The development and prodetion of shoes and produces children's shoes manufacturing enterprises, companies adhering Hardworking, depth, have a management concept of love innovation, and artisan spirit.

The company produces children's shoes materials with environmentally friendly materials, upper The material is true; Soft, breathable, sweat, top function. Shoe head Design set, facilitating your baby's foot better development, making your baby's small Feet is more comfortable, healthy.

Sole with high-elastic light EVA foaming materials and non-slip wear TPR material combination, scientific design, one-third of bending and arch The sole structure designed to meet the healthy growth of the baby's foot Demand.

After the feet, the deep foot cup is designed to have a baby feet, thus ensuring The stability of the baby walks, the elliptical heel contact point is efective To, anti-and anti-shocking effects.

Insole uses antibacterial, deodorant material, effectively improves the foot love

Baby feet problem

Yingfente love, happier
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Foreign Trade Manager
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