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Apr 10, 2024
Company Overview
Cheri Electrothermal Equipment Limited Company, initially founded in 2003, has developed from a family workshop to a large-scale manufacturer with the experience of almost 20 years. We focus on manufacturing all kinds of heating elements, especially the ones for CO2 Gas Pressure Regulator, Mould Equipment and 3D Printer. We've been appreciated by customers at home and abroad for years.

It is a comprehensive company integrating production, sales and technical service. The factory covers an area of 5 0 0 0 square meters, has 50 employees, the annual output value of 3 million.

Scientific management methods and good after-sales service make Cheri enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad. Since the establishment of the company, Product sales are growing rapidly every year, Our products are exported to many international markets such as Southeast Asia, Middle East and America. With high quality products, reasonable price and considerate service, it is good position in the industry.

Cartridge heater is cylindrical electrical heating elements. Protected with a stainless steel sheath, their watt density can reach 63W/cm² And their operating temperature can go up to 800° C (1472° F) Mostly cartridge heater is used for heating up solids such as injection presses heating plates or various tools, cartridge heater can also be used for heating up water or gases under certain conditions. Widely used for manufacturing plastic and rubber parts in the car industry or in the food processing industry, etc. Cartridge heaters are also commonly found in the chemical, electronics, medical equipment, packing and nuclear industries. Various cartridge heater technologies are available. The choice of technology will depend on technical specifications required and the application. Unless you know exactly which product you are looking for, we will recommend you the best solution for your needs.

The heating part of the core of the cartridge heater is a nickel-chromium heat-resistant alloy wire, which is wound on a magnesium oxide core rod with excellent insulation and thermal conductivity. The heating wire and the shell are filled with magnesium oxide powder as an insulating material, and the air inside is compressed by the machine to make it into a whole.

After the main body of the cartridge heater is completed, the fixing piece or thread can be installed according to the installation needs. The thread structure of the fixing piece is related to the heating tube installation method. Please contact our sales or technical personnel for the best solution.

Straight and Formed Tubular Heaters:

Formed tubular heaters are widely used to heat liquids, air or metals as a reliable, economical, and versatile way, which can be used in a large variety of applications, including those with size restrictions for small spaces. They allow for even heat distribution as well as a high dielectric strength. Tubular heaters can be formed into a variety of patterns.
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