Qinhuangdao Changsheng Agricultural Sicence & Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Aug 1, 2012
Company Overview
Qinhuangdao Changsheng Agricultural Sicence & Technology Development Co., Ltd. was build in 2005, meanwhile, started to invest and develop asparagus standardization planting base and proceed technical research of asparagus processed products in 2004. Our company take joint study with the Project Research Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Food Nutrition and Science College of Chins Agricultural University, Science and Technology National Key laboratory of Nanchang University, Model Animal Research Laboratory of Nanjing University, National Cosmetic Key Laboratory of Beijing Technology and Business University and Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology, established Asparagus Biorefinery Laboratory with the Process Group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, set up Asparagus Functional Food Development Center with China Agricultural University. The Asparagus Biorefinery Laboratory is the first national laboratory of asparagus processing industry. Asparagus processed keep a foothold of asparagus functional ingredient abstract technical study and new food development, use ultrasonic separate abstract technology to abstract asparagus saponin, rutin, polysaccharide product which have the function of cancer prevention and antiatheroscloresis, developed asparagus oral liquid series of products from asparagus saponin, developed asparagus powder from the asparagus by spray drying technology, researched series formula products and make industrialization production.
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