Jiangmen Zhi Yun Trading Co., Ltd.

May 14, 2024
Company Overview
Founded by Mr. Huang in 1978, Hongi Glass, now trading as Chengzhen Mirror industry Co Ltd has come a long way. From humble beginnings we are now second generation run, and today according to China Glass Organisation we are "The country′ S Most Influential Glass & Mirror Company"

We have always had a great reputation for mirrored glass and since the introduction of our antique mirror series we have secured a leading position in the marketplace.

We have always concentrated on product research, quality testing, and our pre and post sales service. In 2015, Chengzhen acquired a 250 meter long fully-automatic production line to manufacture copper-free silver mirror. This has greatly increased the production, efficiency, and quality of our products.

Chengzhen now has a vast selling and service network. Our products are sold throughout China and these days our markets include in Canada, United States, Australia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Belarus, UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, and Turkey. We are working hard to bring our glass to the world!

Our chairman Mr Huang Laing would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers "We are eternally grateful to you all for your fantastic support over the years.
Ms. Kelly
Export Manager
Export Department
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