Zhangjiagang City Xinbei Machinery Co., Ltd

Company Overview
In China, our machines have a first-rate quality, second-rate price!
The following is our product:
1. PET bottle washing and recycling line
2. Film washing and recycling line
3. Water ring granulation production line
4. Strutting piece granulation production line
5. Two-stage recycling granulation production line
6. PVC hot-cutting granulation production line
7. PVC pipe extrusion production line
8. PPR pipe extrusion production line
9. PE pipe extrusion production line
10. PVC proximate matter extrusion production line
11. Plastic cutting machine/plastic Shredding machine
12. Plastic crusher
13. High-speed mixing machine
14. PVC line pipe efficient production line
Mr. Bear
Sales Manager
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Sixth Industrial Zone, Changnan Community, Changyinsha Town, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
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