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PRT 4040 2-in-1 Woodworking DIY Router Kits CNC Engraving Machines for Cutting, Milling and Drilling Feature 2-IN-1 Designed for the absolute beginner, this machine is a great tool for starting CNC learning. It come with the spindle motor on Z axis. If you use the laser module, please order the laser module and remove the spindle motor. Z-proble Easy to find the zero point New Control Board Special designed for the double Y axises, separate driver, the noise is pretty lower as single one Y axis. Limit Switches and E-stop X, Y and Z axises are installed limit switch to prevent operation errors from bumping edges . Double Y axises The power is much stronger than single one Y axis. Versatile Capable of cutting all types of plastics, SOFT aluminum, woods, acrylics, PVCs, and PCBs, the 3020 machine can be used on a wide range of projects and materials. Updated options Laser module: 5W/10W/15W laser module is optional. Both drilling bit and laser mould are available. Easy to change. Offline Controller: Handle the CNC router without connecting to the computer. Specification Samples Applications: 1. Woodworking products processing: soft aluminum, MDF, plastic, acylic and other soft material. 2. Advertising industry: engraving and cutting on acrylic, foam board, advertising sign, logo sign, advertising decorative products, etc. FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 1. Delivery time 5-7 days delivery time for Standard Machines 15-30 Days for machines that have been customised to client specifications 2. Payment terms 30% deposit payable upon acceptance of quotation 70% balance of invoice due before shipping. T/T, West Union or Paypal are approved methods of payment. 3. Shipping Good can be shipped by either of the methods below: i. FOB or CIF, shipped by our ship partner. ii. For EX.W, shipped by you or your agents. 4. Machine Operational Instructions The following options are available to customers: i. An instructional video demonstrating how to use the machine ii. A complimentary Free training session hosted at our factory, pending availability. iii. An Operating Manual ( English) is provided with the machine. 5. Guarantee & After-Sales Service i. The machine comes with a 12 month guarantee. ii. . A 24 hour, free technical support service is available via email, fax, MSN, Skype, phone, TradeMessenger. 6. Product Warranty Replacement parts will be supplied at no cost for the period of the warranty. Replacement parts are at the customers expense after this expiry of the warranty period. However, we guarantee customer support within 48 hours of being notified of an issue, to support product maintenance. 7. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) We accept single (1) machine orders

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