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100kW Wind Turbine Price 100kw Wind Generator 100kW Qingdao Hengfeng Wind Power Generator Co., Ltd is one of the leading medium and small wind turbine manufacturer in china. Company start at 2004, workshop covers more than 5000 square meters, Our company is in Huangdao district of Qingdao. It is about half an hour to Qingdao Airport , and 30mins to Qingdao port .The traffic is very convenient. 200kw wind turbine system parameters Power curve Advantages 1.wind turbine controllers are based on microcomputer control, PLC programmable logic control, man-machine interface, 256 color touch screen, operation more intuitive and convenient, rectifier components with temperature detection function, controller power acceptable input voltage range of 24-600V, in order to ensure the controller and the yaw motor can normal operation regardless of the circumstances, signal sensor is shielded cable connection, make sure signal transmission uninterrupted, more reliable. 2.Detection internal voltage and current sensor is use of the 12 high-precision, the controller controls the generator yaw according to wind speed, wind direction, current, voltage etc combined effects. yaw of the minimum angle is1 degree (Note: do not like other manufacturers yaw minimum angle is 30 degrees), so that we can make more effective use of wind energy to obtain the maximum output power. Add or delete control content based on customer requirements, it is possible to additional monitoring communications. 3.Direct drive permanent magnet generator: contains: Motor Stamping disk used is 470 silicon steel sheet, generator winding is pure copper wire which can be resistant to 180 degrees high temperature, high insulation properties, high permeability and high efficiency, high power generation efficiency, low-speed performance. In the light breeze wind speed the generator can generate electricity. Using advanced circuit automatic control system can automatically run reliably under adverse weather conditions, state-of-the-art technology, reliable unit performance, easy installation and maintenance. Controls, inverters, unloading blend. 4.Blade: propeller, wing style, aviation materials, hand mold making, flange pad connector ,convenient connection to install them without correction, the degree of balance is good . Airfoil blades, strength, fatigue resistance, and high efficiency. SYSTEM CONNECTION
100kw Wind Turbine Price 100kw Wind Generator 100kw

100kw Wind Turbine Price 100kw Wind Generator 100kw

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