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Whiteboard is a very important category in the Office Supplies industry. A good Whiteboard can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Whiteboard available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Whiteboard are made from various kinds of features such as Material, Wooden, Glass, PET, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Material for example, you can find Wooden Material, Glass Material and more.

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4.FQA 1.Why doesn't the TV-Toucher fall when placed on a TV display/whiteboard? The unique gravity distribution and support design enables the product to be self-stabilizing. 2.How to adjust the position of the support rod when installing TV-Toucher? The support rod plays a role of backward-rotate stopping. Adjust its front and back position to change the balanced angle of the whole device and find a proper position to make the slide tube approximately vertical to the board surface. Accordingly, the front panel of the base is parallel to the surface. 3.Do I need to do calibration every time I start the device? For the first time using, calibration is needed. You do not need to do it later if there is no positional movement between the device and the display. 4.How to avoid the deviation of the cursor position without calibrating again at later using after removing and re-installing? The key is to ensure that the position and angel of re-installing is the same as the last time you did calibration. It is recommended to mark the installation position so that you can place the device at the same place. 5.Does the P21SC infrared pen hurt the TV display when writing? The pen nib of the P21SC infrared pen uses self-lubricating and wear-resistant materials.Its hardness is much lower than that of the TV display surface. Besides, its design adopts a patented sensitive trigger mechanism. Therefore, it will not cause damage to the screen for normal use. But please keep the screen surface and pen nibs clean for the reason that dust may cause abrasion. 6.What are the main differences between P21SC infrared pen and normal infrared pen? 1) P21SC infrared pen adopts patented omni-directional trigger mechanism. Both axial and lateral press can trigger its lighting on. Compared with normal axial triggered pen, drawing with P21SC infrared pen is more natural and fluent. 2) P21SC infrared pen uses super capacitor as electrical energy storage device. Its special advantages are listed as follows: Environmentally friendly and free from battery pollution; No material cost during the life cycle; Unlimited charge and discharge life cycle; Fast charging and no worry for the battery's suddenly running out; Light weight and not subject to air transport restrictions. 7. Why is the TV-Toucher plug-and-play? Unlike other similar products, the TV-Toucher has processing chips inside. It uses efficient software algorithm to perform image processing directly and track the coordination of touch spots in real time. TV-Toucher implemented a standardized USB multi-touch device protocol. So when the TV-Toucher is connected to a computer through USB, the computer can recognize it directly and perform the appropriate action, similar to a standard mouse plugging into a computer. 8.What operating systems does the TV-Toucher support? Why my Android system can't work with TV-Toucher? In principle, any operating system that supports standard USB multi-touch devices can be used with TV-Toucher. In some Android products, the corresponding driver modules are removed to simplify the system. So it can not recognize TV-Toucher.In this case, re-install the system and make sure the corresponding driver modules is installed. 9.Can TV-Toucher be connected wirelessly? The standard configuration of the TV-Toucher series is wired.But the whole range of TV-Toucher series can support wireless connection. This is benefited from that the product performs image processing with all hardware, and only low-rate coordination data is communicated. This is different from the normal "USB camera + software" products. 10.How to choose the model of the TV-Toucher? TVT-60 is designed for 50~60 inch screen. TVT-80 is designed for 60~80 inch screen. TVT

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