The Best Waterproof Building Materials Products

TPO waterproofing membrane is thermoplastic polyolefin waterproofing membrane, it is based on thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) synthetic resin which combines ethylene propylene rubber and polypropylene with advanced polymerization technology, adding antioxidant and anti-aging agent. The new waterproof membrane made of softener can be made of polyester fiber mesh cloth as internal reinforcement material to make reinforced waterproof membrane. It is a synthetic polymer waterproof membrane waterproof product. Note: The above specifications are our regular sizes , the sizes could be ordered according to the customer's request. For more technical data sheet, please contact us. Different Types: Type P: reinforced coil is suitable for mechanical fixed waterproof system. Type L: fiber backing coils are suitable for concrete base bonding systems or mechanical fastening systems. Type H: homogeneous coil is suitable for flooding and fine node processing. It is suitable for all kinds of roofing and waterproofing projects such as industrial and civil buildings, public buildings and so on.

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