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JINGCHENG, 15 Years For Building Glass Manufacturing This is Helen Li from Shandong jingcheng glass technology co.,ltd. Laminated glass Laminated glass is a kind of high-grade safety glass formed after adhesive materials [PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) or EVA (EVA (Vinyl Ester Polymer) interlayer etc) and SGP film are put between two or more than two pieces of glass to stick together under high temperature and pressure. Laminated glass is commonly used as a safety glass when security and injury are of concern. The glass is prevented from shattering as it remains stuck to the interlayer creating a 'spider web' effect. Laminated glass looks like a single glass pane and is virtually indistinguishable from ordinary glass. Features: Security : installed laminated glass may not be easily broken. Therefore, laminated glass provides effective defense against malicious destroy, pilferage and violent invasion. Prevention against hurricane and earthquake: for the reason that fragments of broken glass still retain in its original position, laminated glass is suitable for regions subject to hurricane and earthquake. Noise reduction performance: PVB membrane has good sound wave hindering property and thus, laminated glass may effectively reduce transmission of noise. 1)Normal size 5mm+0.76pvb+5mm+12A+5mm 5mm+1.14pvb+5mm+12A+5mm 5mm+9A+5mm+9A+5mm 5mm+9A+5mm+9A+5mm low-e 4mm+9A+4mm+9A+4mm 5mm+0.76pvb+5mm+12A+5mm low-e could be produced as per request. MAIN PROCESSED GLASS PRODUCTS: 1. Double glazing(insulated glass), triple glazing(three layer insulated glass), 2. Tempered glass(toughened glass), heat strengthened glass 3. Laminated glass, laminated double glazing, toughened laminated glazing 4. Low-E glass, soft coat Low E double glazing, Low E triple glazing 5. Patterned glass, tinted glass etc. Packing conditions : packing in wooden crates with paper between each sheet HOT-SALE PROUCTS This is the tallest building in Pattaya tourist attraction in Thailand. The laminated glass and other glass products are produced and processed by our company... Advantages of laminated glass 1. Excellent sound insulation performance In general, PVB interlayer is used as the interlayer material of laminated glass. PVB membrane has the damping function of filtering sound wave (reducing the volume transmission by reducing the vibration amplitude of sound). Therefore, if you live in a place where the road noise is serious, choose a piece of laminated glass with PVB film thickness of 1.14 mm. 2. Natural UV protection PVB interlayer also has the function of filtering ultraviolet rays. The data show that PVB film can absorb more than 99% of ultraviolet radiation, thus protecting indoor furniture, plastic products, textiles, carpets, artworks from fading and aging caused by ultraviolet radiation. 3. Good energy saving performance Because the laminated glass made of PVB film can effectively reduce the sunlight transmission, the darker the color and the lower the light transmittance, the stronger the heat blocking ability of the laminated glass. Therefore, if the home light is sufficient, may as well choose the light transmittance (50% to 70%) of the laminated glass. Our company established since 2003. We earn a good branding in China and start exporting to many countries after 2005. Our leading products included tempered glasses, laminated glasses and low-e glasses. We have more than 13 year of exporting experience. We concentrate in details of our products. You should give us a chance to serve you, then you will understand why our client will work with us for many years and do not leave us. FAQ Q:What kinds of glass can you provide? A:laminated glass,tempered glass,insul
6.38mm/8.38mm/10.38mm/12.38mm Tempered Clear and Color Laminated Glass

6.38mm/8.38mm/10.38mm/12.38mm Tempered Clear and Color Laminated Glass

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