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Switchgear is a very important category in the Electrical & Electronics industry. A good Switchgear can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Switchgear available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Switchgear are made from various kinds of features such as Shell Material, Steel Plate, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Shell Material for example, you can find Steel Plate Shell Material, Aluminum Alloy Shell Material and more.

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40.5KV SF6 2500A High Voltage CGIS Gas Insulated Switchgear Environmentally friendly products * 12kV 100%N2 C-GIS & RMU * 24kV 90%N2+10%SF6 C-GIS * 40.5kV 50%N2+50%SF6 C-GIS * 40.5kV 100%SF6 C-GIS * 40.5kV 100%N2 C-GIS Gas system: -Normal inflation pressure is close to zero gauge pressure (gauge pressure 0.02MPa) -Vacuum Circuit Breaker, -Three position disconnecting switch -Enough height for cable entry. Structural features: The voltage can reach 40.5kV, the current 1250/2500A, and the breaking can reach 31.5KA/4s GPRC2B power supply continuity level Cabinet size: 1250A: 600×1600×2400mm 2500A: 800×1600×2400mm SF6 gas insulation, vacuum breaking Double gas box structure: busbar and circuit breaker are located in two gas boxes, with independent gas density meter All high-pressure circuits are gas-sealed German DIN standard inner cone in-line cable terminal Cable height: ≥900mm In case of a situation, there is no need to move the cabinets on both sides, the middle cabinet can be removed and replaced. Clik to consult with GP for technical details and price Technology and Details Vacuum circuit breaker Three position disconnector switch Control wiring Nameplate for the gas insulated switchgear Front View 33KV 36kV 38KV 40.5KV SF6/SF6 FREE High / Medium Voltage CGIS Gas Insulated Switchgear GPN2S-36/40.5 High /Medium Voltage CGIS Cabinet Gas Insulated Switchgear Ordering instruction Note: Please consult with GP for VCB drawing and price Production & Testing equipment Strict quality control system *Strict partial discharge testing and control of the whole machine and components *Background of partial discharge testing room: ≤0.5pC *Partial discharge of the whole equipment under 1.1Un ≤10pC Ensure the insulation reliability of the equipment under long-term operation! packing and shipping Project case 12-40.5kV C-GIS gas insulated switchgear, more than 6,000 units have been put into operation in the past ten years; among them, 124 units are OEM Chongqing Metro Line 6 of foreign brands, 128 units are exported to Australia, 66 units in Venezuela, 160 units in North Africa and Morocco, and exported to Sweden, Britain, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries. There are more than 2,000 units in operation of Shanghai Electric Power Company, all 6 demonstration stations of the State Grid, Henan Electric Power Company, and plateau substations above 4600m above sea level. It also exports 150 units to Japan, 250 units to Saudi Arabia, 26 units to Italy, Belgium, and other countries. Certifications Greenpower's Story
33kv 40.5kv Sf6 Free High Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear

33kv 40.5kv Sf6 Free High Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear

US $ 20,000-500,000/ Piece FOB
MOQ: 1 Piece
Since 2021
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