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1)Product description Product type: Steel structure warehouse Prefabricated Construction Building Material Steel Structure for Factory Warehouse 2)Material component list 1. Embedded parts--M24/M27/M30 2. High strength bolt/Common bolt/Turnbuckle/Galvanized bolt--M20 3.Steel column(Q235B)--HN(200~500)*200*9*14 4.Wind column(Q235B)--HN(198~400)*200*7*11 5. Roof truss beam(Q235B)--HN(900-450)*200*8*12 6. Tie rod-- ∅89/114*3.0 steel bar 7. Horizontal bracing--∅20/22/25steel bar 8. Column bracing--∅20/22/25steel bar 9. Roof purlin(galvanized)--C160/180/220*2.0 10. Wall purlin(galvanized)--C160/180/220*2.0 11. Connecting plate--3mm~12mm steel sheet 12. Roof tile --0.426/0.476mm steel sheet/30~50mm sandwich panel 13. Wall panel --0.426/0.476mm steel sheet/30~50mm sandwich panel 14. Gutter--PVC/Galvanized steel materials 15. Downpipe--∅110 PVC materials 16. Electric galvanized rolling gate--W5000*H5000(customized size) 17. Sandwich panel door --W800*H2100(customized size) 18. Window--PVC/Aluminum sliding window W1100*H1200(customized size) 19. Trimming--1.0mm galvanized /0.476mm steel sheet 3)Plans /Drawing we can design 4)The Steel structure features a. Low maintenance costs b.Environmentally friendly, recycling. c.Flexibility when fixing doors, windows, and interior partitions d.Steel structure construction is strong, durability and stable. e.Steel components are resistant to termites and other destructive insects. f.Long service life for more than 50 years g.Fast construction, easy installation, and convenient transport. 5)Applications The steel structure building is widely used in the construction of buildings such as warehouses, workshops, and large factories.hangar/garage/chicken shed exhibition hall, agricultural storage, logistic centers, etc. 6)About us Foshan TianPuAn building materials technology co., ltd (short for "TPA housing") has been in the steel structure manufacturing business since 2010 and has undertaken numerous projects for many different countries, e.g.warehouse, factory building workshop, multi-story car park, commercial building, aircraft hangar, farm sheds, steel barn, etc. All the buildings we designed can meet all wind load, snow load, and seismic requirements for the specific area in which the building is to be erected, as well as other requirements related to the performance of the structure. All our building components are cut, welded, drilled, and marked at our factory for quick assembly at the construction site. 7)Why choose us 1-Customized design service 2-Quality Assurance Service *Safety packing *Insurance services *Inspection before shipment 3-After-sales service *Engineer guide on site *Installation team service *Email/phone call communication We'd love to give full support for your further inquiry! Sue Hsu(Ms.)

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