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Scanner is a very important category in the Office Supplies industry. A good Scanner can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Scanner available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Scanner are made from various kinds of features such as Max Width, B0, A3, A4, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Max Width for example, you can find B0 Max Width, A3 Max Width and more.

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Visbody R 3D body scanner is the 3D intelligent bodymeasurement productproduced by Visbody Technology, which adopts Al visual and optical 3D modelling technology to provide members with high- precision real 3D modeland test the body data, such as body shape, gesture, body composition andcircumferences. Visbody R 3D body scanner is available for two measurements: 1. Body Composition Measurement Body composition: human body is composed by water, proteins, inorganicsalt, fat and others. The imbalance of body composition will lead to obesity,malnutrition, osteoporosis, edemaandother diseases, showing high reference value for health and nutrition level evaluation. Visbody R is available for 15 core body composition measurements andprovides six control and analytic suggestions based on WHO recommendedstandards to escort your healthy life. 2. 3D Body Avatar and Accurate Posture Analysis Visbody R can generate 360 real 3D body model within 10s and automatically measure 9 body circumferences, objectively showing the body shape.Visbody R uses 3D bone point detection technology to carry out the 9 key3D posture analysis at millimeter accuracy. 1.What is your advantage? We are the only manufacturer that combines body composition measurement and body posture analysis together. 2. What is the highlight of Visbody R? 15 Body Composition Analysis and Body Composition History, 9 Posture Analysis, 9 Automatic Circumference Measurement, Segmental Fat and Muscle Analysis, Real 3D modeling and 3D model Comparison etc… 3. What is the warranty? The warranty is 12 months by default for the hardware, and lifetime online technical guide support and software updated. 4. What is the application of Visbody R? Most commonly used by medium to large fitness center, Yoga/Pilates fitness studios, medical fitness clinics, and practitioners. 5. Can you do the customized language on the device? Yes, we can do it both on the software and device, but we need the language translation from your side. 6. Can you supply the OEM service? Yes, no problem, but it needs an extra cost of the custom logo mould fee. 7. What is the lead time and the payment terms? Usually 3-15 days for the sample, 15-45 days for batch order. The payment terms is usually T/T, Alibaba trade assurance and LC.

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