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Scaffolding is a very important category in the Construction & Decoration industry. A good Scaffolding can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Scaffolding available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Scaffolding are made from various kinds of features such as Type, Mobile, Fixed, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Type for example, you can find Mobile Type, Fixed Type and more.

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The Best Scaffolding Products

Product Description Cuplock Scaffolding is a kind of system scaffolding joined by cups. forged or casted top cups are put upon each bottom at 0.5m inervals along cuplock scaffolding standards. Just need to move the top cup and then put the ledger blades into the bottom cup, then put the top cup and tighten the cup by a hammer. It is very convenient to assemble this scaffolding. After the cup is fixed, then the connection is very strong. Once dismantle the scaffolding, just need to knock the top cup anticlockwisely, then remove the ledgers. It is also very quick. We can manufacture all the parts of cuplock scaffolding, we use automatic welding to weld the ledgers, standard, etc. Products details pictures Product Parameters Component Name Size Finishing Unit Weight (kg/pc) Finishing Unit Weight (kg/pc) Cuplock Scaffolding Vertical Post 48.3mmx3.2mmx1.0m Painted 5.63 Hot Dip Galvanized 5.97 Cup Lock Scaffolding Standard 48.3mmx3.2mmx1.5m Painted 8.11 Hot Dip Galvanized 8.60 Cup connected Modular Scaffolding Standard 48.3mmx3.2mmx2.0m Painted 10.58 Hot Dip Galvanized 11.21 Cup scaffolding Vertical Post 48.3mmx3.2mmx2.5m Painted 13.06 Hot Dip Galvanized 13.84 Quick Cup Scaffolding Standard 48.3mmx3.2mmx3.0m Painted 16.15 Hot Dip Galvanized 17.12 Cuplock Scaffolding Ledger 48.3mmx3.2mmx0.9m Painted 3.38 Hot Dip Galvanized 3.58 Cuplock Scaffolding Ledger 48.3mmx3.2mmx1.0m Painted 3.80 Hot Dip Galvanized 4.03 Fast Cup Scaff Ledger 48.3mmx3.2mmx1.2m Painted 4.49 Hot Dip Galvanized 4.76 Quick Cup Scaffolding Ledger 48.3mmx3.2mmx1.3m Painted 4.75 Hot Dip Galvanized 5.04 Cup Connect Scaffolding Ledger 48.3mmx3.2mmx1.5m Painted 5.51 Hot Dip Galvanized 5.84 Cuplock Scaffolding Horizontal Railing 48.3mmx3.2mmx1.8m Painted 6.46 Hot Dip Galvanized 6.85 Cuplock Scaffolding Horizontal 48.3mmx3.2mmx2.5m Painted 8.82 Hot Dip Galvanized 9.35 Cuplock Scaffolding Diagonal Brace 1.3mx2.0m Painted 7.44 Hot Dip Galvanized 7.81 Cuplock Scaffolding Diagonal 1.8mx2.0m Painted 8.47 Hot Dip Galvanized 8.92 Quick Cup Scaffolding Bracing 2.5mx2.0m Painted 10.18 Hot Dip Galvanized 10.68 Quick Cup Lock Scaffolding Steel Plank 1.8m Pregalvanized 11.5 Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Board 2.5m Pregalvanized 15.55 Certifications Packaging & Shipping Company Profile Rizhao Weiye Tools Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of system scaffoldings and accessories, forged couplers, plank, shoring props, formwork accessories, fences, ladders, frame scaffolding and other related products in Rizhao City, Shandong, China. We have been in the business for 25 years, and all our products are BS 1139 and EN 74, AS 1576 certified, the quality is very good. Our products are very popular in European countries, Australia, North America, Mid-east countries, and South East Asia and some African countries, etc. Currently, we have well-trained workers of more than 300, advanced forging lines of 10 and many other advanced equipment. We are also capable of tooling designing, performance testing, new products researching and developing. We have two factories taking up to 160000 square meters. With years of development, we can reach a production capacity of more than 20 containers per month. We are growing all the time. We have our own zinc plating and powder coating workshops and cast steel/cast iron part processing workshop, which enable fastest delivery and most consistent quality of the products. We are looking forward to establishing long term business relationship with you in the near future! Main Business: 1. System scaffolding: Include: Kwikstage system scaffolding and accessories; Ringlock system scaffolding and acces

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