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Reverse Osmosis System is a very important category in the Industrial Equipment & Components industry. A good Reverse Osmosis System can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Reverse Osmosis System available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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Product Description Water treatment plant: reverse osmosis equipment Our equipment adopts the osmosis filtration process of reverse osmosis membrane, which is a modern new pure water treatment technology. Reverse osmosis membrane by means of choice through membrane function to pressure as the driving force of membrane separation technology, when system and the pressure is greater than in the aqueous solution of osmotic pressure, the water molecules through the membrane unceasingly, after producing water flows into the central tube, and then out in the end the impurities in the water, such as ion, organic matters, such as bacteria, viruses, interception on the inlet side of the membrane, and then in the thick water outflow water end, so as to achieve separation and purification. Different Water TDS(Total Dissolved Solids)compare and usuage Our Advantages Working process: Raw water tank→Raw water pump→Sand filter→Activated carbon adsorption filter→water softener→Precision filter→High-pressure pump→RO membrane→Pure water tank Detailed Photos RO Membrane Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation technology that uses pressure as the driving force by means of the function of selective permeable (semi-permeable) membranes. When the pressure applied in the system is greater than the osmotic pressure of the aqueous solution, water molecules continuously penetrate the membrane It flows into the central pipe through the water production channel, and then flows out of impurities in the water at one end, such as ions, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc., which are trapped on the inlet side of the membrane, and then flow out at the outlet end of the concentrated water to achieve the purpose of separation and purification. The reverse osmosis equipment is to pass the raw water through a fine filter, granular activated carbon filter, compressed activated carbon filter, etc., and then pressurize by a pump, using a pore size of 1/0000μm (equivalent to 1/6000 the size of E. /300) reverse osmosis membrane (R membrane), which turns high-concentration water into low-concentration water, and at the same time isolates all the impurities mixed into the water such as industrial pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses, so as to achieve the physical and chemical drinking regulations Indicators and hygienic standards, to produce pure to pure water, which is the best choice for the human body to replenish high-quality water in time. Because the purity of water produced by RO reverse osmosis technology is the highest among all water production technologies currently mastered by humans, the cleanliness Almost 100%, so people call this water production machine a reverse osmosis pure water machine. Reverse osmosis is a modern new type of pure water treatment technology. Through the reverse osmosis element to improve the purity of the water quality, to remove impurities and salt in the water, the purified water we drink daily is processed by reverse osmosis equipment, and the water quality is clear. Recommend Product The main products of our Volardda are: Reverse Osmosis Systems,EDI Systems,Water sterilization products, pure water tank,Drinking Water Filling Machine, Household ro system,Pretreatment Systems, Ultrafiltration Systems, Water Softeners, Water treatment accessories etc. Learn more pls click: https://volardda.en.made-in-china.com/product-list-1.htm Any question about our product pls click:https://volardda.en.made-in-china.com/contact-info.html Company Profile Guangdong Volardda Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Guangzhou Nansha Free Trade Zone, and our factory area more than 5,000 square meters. Volardda is a new intelligent d

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