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Product Description Brief Introduction CKT8100/CKT8200/CKT8300/CKT8500 is precision LCR meter for inspection of all kinds of electronic components. Using 4.3 inches LCD TFT display. It is a high-speed, broadband, 6-bit test resolution of the impedance measuring instrument, multi frequency points and 0.05% accuracy can meet the requirements of various occasions' component parameters detection. It is a high cost of quality testing equipment. SPECIFICATIONS CKT8100/CKT8200/CKT8300/CKT8500/CKT100A/CKT200A/CKT200L Precision Digital LCR Meter Parameters | Z|, |Y|, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θ, DCR Display Mode Direct,Δ,Δ%,V/I Basic Accuracy 0.05% ± 5 dgt Frequency CKT8100:12Hz~100KHz; CKT8200:12Hz~200KHz; CKT8300:12Hz~300KHz; CKT8500:12Hz~500KHz (continuous frequency) CKT100A: 50Hz~100KHz (16 frequency points) Discontinued CKT200A: 50Hz~200KHz (37 frequency points) Discontinued CKT200L: 50Hz~200KHz (about 1,5000 frequency points) Discontinued Display Range Z,X,R:0.01mΩ~99.9999MΩ DCR:0.001mΩ~99.9999MΩ Y,G,B:0.00001uS~99.9999S C:0.00001pF~9.9999F L:0.00001uH~9999.99H D:0.00001~9.9999 Q:0.00001~9999.9 q(rad): -3.14159 - 3.14159 q(deg): -179.999° -179.999° Source Resistance 30Ω, 100Ω,10/CC Range Auto, Hold, Manual selection Comparator 11-bin sorting (9-bin GD, 1-bin NG, 1-bin AUX) Signal Level 5 mV~2V, accuracy: 10%, Constant level: 10 mV~1 V, accuracy: 5% DC Bias Source 0V,1.5V,2V Accuracy:1% Trigger Mode INT, MAN, EXT, BUS Speed 75t/s, 12t/s, 3 t/s, 1-255 times average is available List Test 10 group frequency and level scanning measurement Adjustment Open / short / load Files U disk copy screen, real-time data storage, which can support the FAT16 format, FAT32 file system Interface RS232C, USB HOST, USB DEVICE, HANDLER, Headset interface, Foot switch interface Others The software version of the instrument can be upgraded and updated by U disk. GENERAL FEATURES Power Supply Voltage: 110V/220V; Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz Size and Weight 265mm(W)*100mm(H)*340mm(L) 4.5kg ORDERING INFORMATION Accessories Kelvin Test clip; Test fixture; Short-circuit slice; RS232 Communication cable; AC Power Cord Optional SMD patch test fixture; SMD patch test clip Detailed Photos Packaging & Shipping Company Profile Chuangkai Electronic Co., Ltd is leading company specialized in producing, developing & selling various types of measuring instruments and testing equipment, such as temperature data logger, LCR meter, DC resistance tester (micro ohm meter), digital power meter, power supply, transformer tester, battery tester, programmable DC electronic load, charger, temperature controller, tachometer, high voltage signal-amplifier, power amplifier, etc. FAQ: Q. How is your company's product after-sales service system? A. The product warranty period is 12 months, we can provide lifetime maintenance. We have professional pre-sales and after-sales teams that can respond to you within 24 hours to resolve technical issues. We provide one-to-one after-sales service. Q: Can you customize it? A: Yes, we accept customization according to customer's specific requirements. Q. How long is your lead time? If I want to customize instruments, how long will it take? A. When order quantity is 1-10 units, we have ready stock goods, we can ship out within 3-5 working days after receipt of deposit; products required new production of common

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