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Product Description The DC resistance test of transformer winding is an indispensable test item after transformer is transferred, overhauled and changed. It adopts new power technology, with stable performance, quick measurement, compact size, easy to use, high precision of measurement and good repeatability of data. It is the ideal equipment to measure the DC resistance of transformer windings and high power inductance devices. Product Parameters Item Technology Indication and Parameter Remark Test Current 1A 5A 10A 20A Measurement Range 1A: 5A: 10A: 20A: 10mΩ~20Ω 1mΩ~4Ω 1mΩ~2Ω 1mΩ~1Ω Measurement Accuracy ±(0.2% full range ±2 letter) Data Storage 255 groups Display LCD Resistance display 4 1/2 Max Resolution 0.1μΩ Power Supply AC 220V±22V,50Hz/60Hz±2Hz Protective tube 5A Max Consumption 600W Work Environment Environment Temperature:0°~40° Relative humidity:≤80% Volume 200*400*280(mm) Weight 10kg Including accessory Company Profile Kiyu Power is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in R & D, manufacture and marketing of power testing products, instruments, power industry automation systems for 20 years.We export completed set to Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Ecuador, Paraguay, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Chile such as PD test system, impulse voltage generator, temperature rising test system, transformer comprehensive test system, cable fault detect system and varies of instruments for transformer, circuit breaker, switchgear, lightning arrestor, insulator, cable, battery,SF6 gas and so on. Competitive Products Certifications Customer Visit On-site Service Package and Delivery

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