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Power Supply is a very important category in the Computer Products industry. A good Power Supply can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Power Supply available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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CSP - 3KW Series Programmable DC Power Supply Rated power range: 3KW Rated voltage range: 30V / 40V / 50V / 60V / 100V / 125V / 150V / 200V / 300V / 600V 5 - digit display voltage and 4 - digit current display, with a maximum resolution of 1mV and 1mA. High programming accuracy, high output accuracy, and low ripple noise. Excellent dynamic response time <10ms. Output start - up without overshoot, and can set the rising slope of voltage and current. Real-time power display. RS232 / RS485 communication interface. Overview CSP-3KW DC power supply is a programmable DC power supply with 3KW rated output power built in a 19-inch 2U standard rack-mounted chassis. The output voltage levels, at 30Vdc / 40Vdc / 50Vdc / 60Vdc / 100Vdc / 125Vdc / 150Vdc / 200Vdc / 300Vdc / 600Vdc. The adoption high frequency switching topology based on IGBT device gives high efficiency and high switching speed features of switching DC power supplies, and the digital control circuit with a built-in microprocessor gives the intelligent output capability of programmable DC power supplies. The 3KW programmable power supply uses silica gel buttons and a stepless knob on control panel for power supply programming control. The 4.3-inch LCD provides intuitive and real-time output reading and monitoring of power supply. The standard RS485 interface conforming to the MODBUS-RTU international protocol can realize the remote control programming of the programmable DC power supplies. At the same time, the 3KW programmable DC power supply has perfect protection functions and can withstand long-term continuous operation. It is the best choice for research units and laboratories as an adjustable DC power supply or production line as a product life test power supply. Features The power supply chassis is produced using laser technology, with unique color matching and excellent baking paint production technology, which gives the power supply generous and elegant appearance. The internal circuit boards of power products all produced by PCBA and DIP process, to reduce human faults. The production adopts process inspection for each step, which reduces the defective assembly rate and further improves product reliability. Firm and reliable internal structure design and high-quality packaging reduce the probability of damage that may be caused by transportation. The power supply adopts LCD display, preset voltage / current values, output voltage / current values, real-time power, local / remote working mode & start / stop status are all displayed on LCD interface, which is convenient for customers to control & monitor the status of DC power supply. High display accuracy: 0.1% voltage display accuracy in CV mode, 5 digits voltage display with minimum 1mV resolution; 0.2% current display accuracy in CC mode, 4 digits current display with minimum 1mA resolution. The power supply can be used as a constant current source for its low output current ripple while ensuring low voltage ripple. The power supply voltage and current have almost no starting impact, and the power output dynamic response time is excellent With output programming function, you can edit step waveforms, pulse waveforms, etc., and the rising slope of the voltage and current. Block diagram Applications LED and energy-saving lamps aging test. Switching power supply and power adapter aging test. Photovoltaic inverter aging test. Aerospace and national defense industry. Testing and aging of electric vehicle motors, controllers, and DC motors Capacitors, resistors, relays, transistors, sensors and other electronic devices. Electrolytic, electroplating, and corroded aluminum foil processing. LCD, touch screen test. Automotive electronics, DC motor, motor controller, cigarette lighter, audi

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