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Plastic Printing Machine is a very important category in the Packaging & Printing industry. A good Plastic Printing Machine can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Plastic Printing Machine available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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CI Flexo Printing Machine is a high-speed flexo printing machine designed for flexographic printing on various types of packaging and labeling materials, including films, papers, and Non Woven. This machine uses flexible printing plates that are wrapped around a printing cylinder and transfer ink onto the substrate. CI Flexo Printing Machine, also known as Central Drum Flexo Printing Machine, are used in the printing industry for producing high-quality packaging materials such as Plastic Film, paper, paper cup, non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, etc. 1. Flexibility: CI Flexo Printing Machine offer a high degree of flexibility when it comes to printing on various substrates like paper, films, and Non Woven. They can easily print on different materials with different thicknesses and can be customized to suit specific printing needs . 2. High accuracy: CI Flexo Printing Machine deliver high-quality printing with accurate registration, precisely aligning all colored inks to produce sharp, high-quality images. 3. Speed: CI Flexo Printing Machine speed 300m/min producing large volumes of printed material quickly and efficiently. 4. Cost-effective: CI Flexo Machine are highly cost-effective compared to other forms of printing as they require fewer ink changes, produce less waste, and require minimal maintenance. . 5. Durable: CI Flexo Machines are designed to be highly durable, capable of standing regular use and wear and tear without requiring frequent repairs or maintenance. 6.Environmentally friendly: CI Flexo Printing Machine use water-based inks that are environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemicals, making them an eco-friendly option. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Model CHCI4-600E CHCI4-800E CHCI4-1000E CHCI4-1200E Max. Web Width 650mm 850mm 1050mm 1250mm Max. Printing Width 550mm 750mm 950mm 1150mm Max. Machine Speed 200m/min Printing Speed 200m/min Max. Unwind/Rewind Dia. Φ 800mm/Φ1200mm/Φ1500mm Drive Type Gear drive Plate thickness Photopolymer plate 1.7mm or 1.14mm (or to be specified) Ink Water base ink or solvent ink Printing length (repeat) 400mm-900mm Range Of Substrates LDPE; LLDPE; HDPE; BOPP, CPP, PET; Nylon, PAPER, NONWOVEN Electrical supply Voltage 380V. 50 HZ.3PH or to be specified Q1:CI Flexo Printing Machine How does it work? A1:The substrate is fed through the machine and is positioned over the central drum. The printing plate, which carries the image to be printed, is mounted onto the cylinder that rotates around the central drum. As the cylinder rotates, the ink is transferred from the ink rollers on to the printing plate. The substrate then comes in contact with the printing plate on the central drum, and the image is transferred onto it. Q2: What are the advantages of a CI Flexo Printing Machine? A2:- High-quality printing - Higher speed and production rates - Better ink transfer to the substrate - Reduced ink waste - Efficient use of plate cylinder and ink rollers - Ability to print on various substrates - Consistent image placement Q3: What materials can be printed on? A3:Central Drum Flexo Printing Machines can print on a wide range of materials, including papers, plastics, films, non-woven materials, and more. Q4: What is the maximum printing speed of a Central Drum Flexo Printing Machine? A4:The maximum printing speed of a Central Drum Flexo Printing Machine depends on the specific model and configuration. However, many machines have a printing speed of to 300m/min .

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