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Specification PVC compound/granules for bendable pipe, water guard pipe, heat-shrinkable tube, common tube, high-temperature tube. Shining surface, bright and uniform color, Lower cost, Eco-friendly or not, non-peculiar smell, cold and UV-resistant Zanpvc Original factory 100% high quality particle shape light green white browen pvc other plastic raw materials Product Description UPVC Pipe Fitting Compound Granules PVC compounds also known as a dry blend are based on the combination of the PVC resin and additives that give the formulation necessary for the end-use application. The convention in recording the additive concentration is based on parts per hundred of the PVC resin (PHR). PVC compounds can be formulated for flexible materials using plasticizer, called PVC Plasticized Compounds and for rigid application without plasticizer called UPVC compound. Due to its good quality, high rigid and suitable... Application : Pipe & Pipe Fittings PVC Doors and Profiles Furniture Profiles Electrical conduits Films & Sheets Rain Gutter PVC Compounds/Granules Type: Rigid PVC Production process:Injection Molding Compound/Extrusion Compound Color: Transparent, Black, Brown,Red, Orange,Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Gray, White(customization) CAS No: 9002-86-2 Einecs No:208-750-2 Advantage Shining surface, bright and uniform color, Lower cost, Eco-friendly or not, non-peculiar smell, cold and UV-resistant. Company Profile PVC Compound Manufacturer ZANSHARE GROUP (ZHEJIANG) CO., LTD was established in 2006,one of China's leading manufacturers specialized in plastic products.our company has always believed that quality is the essence of products so spare no efforts tointroduce talents, perform 6s management of standardized production.And we have establishedlaboratories and technical inspection department(we have an advanced chemical engineer, severaltechnical personnel). As a whole of research and development, production, sales and service company, we committed to improve the PVC product performance and reduce production cost. Certificate Packaging & Shipping

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