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Product Description ACM-RDS Series Shredder is a single/Ddouble shaft shredder with large internal space to meet the requirements of various industries as plastic products, film, hopping bags, woven bags, nonwoven and other flexibles The innovative feeder design not only improves the power transmission and its own push speed, but also increase the space inside the cavity. This shredder is equipped with a diameter of 540mm, a minimum width of1200mm and maximum width of 2000mm. Whole machine adopts screw mounting and welding to greatly improve stability and effectively prevent spatter. APPLICATION: 1. Plastics - Various rigid and flexible plastics including Moldings, Purging/Lump, Profiles, Films etc. 2. Timber/Wood - Pallets, Joiners Waste, Green Waste etc. 3. Paper & Cardboard - Confidential Documents, Production Waste, Packaging Materials etc. 4. Rubber - Skeletal Scrap, Production Waste etc. 5. Non-ferrous Metals: telecoms and industrial cables, aluminum cans/swarf/cables 6. Textiles - Carpet (Rolls & Tiles), Garments etc. 7. Security Destruction - counterfeit items, faulty goods, out of date stock etc. 8. Foam - production waste. 9. Mixed Household & Commercial Waste - RDF/SRF production MORE PHOTOS: Product Parameters Certifications Packaging & Shipping Installation Instructions Company Profile Suzhou ACMtech Machinery Co., ltd., is a company, which is specialized on plastic extrusion and recycling machinery manufacturing and trading. ACM has top-ranking Research and Development technology system and rich experienced technician team. The main product scope of ACM is Extrusion and Recycling. Extrusion contains: PO and PVC PIPE, PROFILE, SHEET Extrusion Line. Recycling contains: PET, PE, PP, ABS, PC product washing and recycling. Our vision is to offer you the best and the most appropriate plastic extrusion and recycling solution, to offer you the most reliable technically and commercial service support. Our Advantages 1. Low speed and high torque 2. Low energy consumption 3. Powerful hydraulic swing type pusher 4. Large feeding hopper Easy operation 5. Advanced rotor knife mounting system Client's Factory After Service

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