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Graduated serological pipette sterile serological pipette Individual package, serological pipette with filter, Standard Length, Laboratory Grade with CE FDA and ISO certifications Product Parameters Hot sale serological pipette Model/Size:1ml 2ml 5ml 10ml 25ml 50ml 100ml Specification Length Upper Dia. Mouth Dia. Scale Reverse Scale Color 1ml 275 5 2 0.01 0.2 Yellow 2ml 275 7 2 0.01 0.2 Green 5ml 345 8 2 0.1 2.5 Blue 10ml 340 8 2 0.1 3 Orange 25ml 340 8 3 0.2 10 Red 50ml 360 8 3 0.5 10 Purple Product Description BKMAM serological pipette is made from medical grade PS material and the filter element is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethene, which is of good hydrophobicity. Raw material: polystyrene (PS) Product colour: colourless and transparent Product use: Mainly used in cell culture, bacteriology, biomedical laboratory, chemical laboratory and other scientific research fields Sterilized by ethylene oxide, individually sterilized and packaged, easy to use The clear scale has a negative scale with extra capacity, which is convenient for liquid absorption and reading It is not easy to adhere, which can greatly reduce the adhesion of liquid to the tube wall and improve the sampling accuracy. Two-way scale design, hard two-way scale design, ideally meet the requirements of adding and subtracting samples Instruction: Serological Pipette, also known as disposable serological pipette, is mainly used to accurately measure a certain volume of liquid. It needs to be used together with a suitable pipette. A pipette is a measuring device used to accurately pipette a certain volume of solution. A pipette is a metering instrument that is used only to measure the volume of solution it releases. It is a slender glass tube with a bulge in the middle. The lower end is beak-shaped, and a marking line is engraved on the neck of the upper end, which is a sign of the exact volume removed. The widely used manufacturing materials are polystyrene, glass, etc. There are mainly 7 kinds of capacity specifications, namely 1.0ml, 2.0ml, 5.0ml, 10.0ml, 25.0ml, 50.0ml, 100ml, except that the tube body has different precision scale marks In addition, different capacity specifications are marked with different color rings, which is easier to identify and use during work; BKMAM serological pipette ends are equipped with filter plugs, which can better prevent cross-contamination when drawing samples. Detailed Photos high quality serological pipette low adsorption,smooth inner wall and uniform wall thickness sero pipettes serological pipette workshop Non-pyrogen,DNase&RNase free sero pipette Certifications We have received ISO9001, FDA and CE certification for the serological pipets and other laboratory consumables. Packaging & Shipping BKMAM disposal serological pipette and packaging material Recycling of materials becomes more and more important every day. BKMAM in china almost 100 % of cardboard material is already recycled. The packaging material of the BKMAM pipette tips is made of different materials - for the most part made from cardboard. BKMAM laboratory consumables and thus also BKMAM pipette tips are shipped in packaging in which both the shipping carton consists of at least 38 % and the folding carton consist of at least 55 % recycled cardboard. Please support our global sustainability initiative of recycling valuable raw material by collecting the cardboard packaging material of our pipette tips and VTM sampling tubes. Dispose of the packaging material in the designated collection containers in your organization and region. In respect to the wrapping foils made of Polyethylene (PE) for BKMAM pipette tips. Standard we recomm

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