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Physical Therapy Equipment is a very important category in the Health & Medicine industry. A good Physical Therapy Equipment can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Physical Therapy Equipment available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Physical Therapy Equipment are made from various kinds of features such as Type, Dental, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Type for example, you can find Dental Type, Gynaecology Type and more.

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2022 Endosphere Machine Inner Balls Roller Cellulite Reduction Fat Removal Skin Firming Roller Massager Physical Therapy Equipment Compression micro-vibration therapy Silicone balls are placed in a honeycomb shape with a specific density and diameter. The direction of rotation and pressure ensure that the micro-compression is transmitted to the tissue. The unique handle produces mechanical compression and micro-vibration on the skin"Compression micro-vibration therapy" replaces the traditional method of "suction traction massage" 360° intelligent rotating cylindrical roller handle The large handle is composed of 50 silicone balls for body care; The small handle consists of 60 silicone balls for face / neck care; Operating Principle: The inner ball roller apparatus is a non-invasive mechanical compression micro-vibration treatment. The principle is that the silicone ball rotates along the roller 360° to generate compression micro-vibration. As the ball rotates and exerts pressure on the skin, it produces a "pulsation compression" effect, realizing continuous push-pull kneading reciprocating motion, and the tissue will experience some pressure And lifting action, will not squeeze or damage the skin, the tissue is exerted pressure to stretch the cells to naturally and deeply stimulate cell activity, blood flow, and oxygenation, fat deposits are pressurized and thus loosened to finally decompose, reducing cellulite and Removes cellulite. When applied to the body (1) Improve lymphatic drainage and circulation (2) Deep detoxification (3) Relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, (4) Decompose subcutaneous fat deposits (5) Eliminate cellulite (6) Reduce cellulite and shape contours. After a few procedures, your body will immediately reduce its volume by 1-2 sizes! When applied to the face (1) Improve the formation of blood vessels (2) Improve production of collagen and elastin (3) Increasing oxygen delivery (4) Relax and regulate muscles (5) Reduce expression wrinkles appears (6) Reduces swelling (7) Fights tissue sagging 1. Fast And Effective: Compressive Micro vibration Therapy, thanks to reactivates the circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. 2. Give Remarkable Results: Our Compressive Micro vibration method works gently on the tissue to tone and firm. 3. Non-Surgical Treatment Of Fat Deposits: Our treatment can adapt to fight fatty deposits on any of these areas(arms, back, waist, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks). Leaving your body smooth, shapely, and sculpted from top to bottom. 4. Five Synergistic Actions, Works With Precision On Cellulite: Reduces the infamous orange peel effect by improving circulation and soothing the tissues of the problem areas. 5. Innovative Compressive Micro vibration Therapy: the latest full body treatment on the market that allows you to target the key areas of your body that cause you to cover up! Our treatments are effective on the whole body, and tackle everything from cellulite to sculpting. Advantage 1.Unique 360° intelligent rotating drum handle, continuous long-term operation mode, safe and stable. 2.There is an LED display on the handle to display the time and speed, and an LED display light pole, which makes it easier to control and adjust the rotation direction and speed on the body handle. 3.One-key switch between forward and reverse directions. 4.The silicone ball is flexible and smooth, effortless, the rolling process is gentle and does not sting, the movement is soft and evenly pushed, massaged and lifted to achieve the best effect. 5.No need for beautician laborious massage, simple and safe operation. Product Name Micro-vibration Cellulite Removal Machine Speed of large handle 450rpm Speed of small handle Speed of smal

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