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Pharmaceutical Equipment & Machinery is a very important category in the Manufacturing & Processing Machinery industry. A good Pharmaceutical Equipment & Machinery can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Pharmaceutical Equipment & Machinery available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Pharmaceutical Equipment & Machinery are made from various kinds of features such as Certification, CE, GMP, ISO, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Certification for example, you can find CE Certification, GMP Certification and more.

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IV Infusion/IV Solution/Normal Saline Blowing Filling and Sealing Machine/ Pharmaceutical Equipment Automatic PP bottle IV solution production line includes 3 set equipment, Preform/Hanger Injection machine, Bottle blowing machine, Washing-Filling-Sealing machine. The production line has the feature of automatic, humanized and intelligent with stable performance and quick and simple maintenance. High production efficiency and low production cost, with high quality product which is the best choice for IV solution plastic bottle. Step 1 Bottle feeding station It adopts direct link between conveying track and bottle feeding dial wheel, clamps the bottleneck to convey, with clean compressed air to accelerate the delivering, no scratching. Step 2 Bottle ionic air washing station The cleaning principle and process are: overturn the bottle; the suction pipe rises the cam to cover the bottle mouth; the ionic air pipe also rises to the bottle with the cam; the compressed air is blown into the blowing pipe to clean the bottle in the bottle; And simultaneously suck the particles entrained in the airflow out of the bottle. Step 3 Filling station The washed plastic bottles are conveyed to filling station by manipulator, the filling nozzle trace plastic bottles for filling. The upper part of filling station is equipped with a constant-pressure liquid balance tank. When the liquid fills the balance tank and reaches to the setting level, the liquid feeding pneumatic diaphragm valve close. Step 4 Hot melting sealing station This station is mainly used to weld-sealing the cap of plastic infusion bottle after filling. It adopts double heating plates to heat caps and bottle ports separately, finish weld-sealing in non-contact hot-melt type. The heating temperature and time is adjustable. Step 4 Step 5 Bottle outfeeding station The sealed bottles are conveyed to bottle outputting track through bottle outputting station, and enter into the next process. Advantages: 1.Servo drive and stable during high-speed movement, the positioning is accurate, durable, and the maintenance cost is low. 2.The cam clamping fingers without plastic scrap and powder to ensure product quality. 3.High production capacity: range from 4000-15000bottles per hour. 4.Closed integral chain structure, precise center distance, rings and other foreign objects cannot enter the chain, easy maintenance. 5.The sealing does not air leak, improve the blowing efficiency, shorten the bottle forming time. Production Line Feature: 1.It can meet production of different size (100-1000ml). 2.It applied for both Standard PP bottle and Self-collapsed soft PP bottle. 3.Apply to different container shapes: round, oval, irregular, etc. 4.High production capacity: range from 4000-15000bottles per hour. 5.The wasted raw material for the production of one 500 ml PP bottle is equal to 0%. Tech Parameters: Item Machine model CPS 4 CPS 6 CPS 8 CPS 10 CPS 12 Production capacity 500ml 4000 BPH 6000 BPH 8000 BPH 10000 BPH 12000 BPH Max bottle height mm 240 230 Max preform height (with neck) mm 120 95 Compressed air (m³/min) 8-10bar 3 3 4.2 4.2 4.5 20bar 2.5 2.5 4.5 6.0 10-12 Chilled Water(m³/h) 10°C(pressure: 3.5-4bar)8HP 4 4 7.87 7.87 8-10 Cooling Water 25°C(pressure: 2.5-3bar) 6 10 8 8 8-10 Weight T 7.5 11 13.5 14 15 Machine size(with Preform loading) (L×W×H)(MM) 6500*4300*3500 8892*4800*3400 9450*4337*3400 10730x4337x3400 12960×5477×3715 Company Profile ABOUT US

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