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Product Description Product Parameters Basic Functions of Passenger Elevators 1 Full-automatic sorting operation 31 CAN communication fault protection 2 Door closing blocking automatic return function 32 Master CPU self-check protection 3 Overload alarm 33 Overheating protection of drive device 4 Straight operation at full load 34 Upward and downward running overspeed protection 5 Parallel operation 35 Contact detection protection of contactor 6 Directly stop operation 36 Leveling fine adjustment 7 Emergency electric driving of machine room 37 Car alarm 8 Re-initialize the operation 38 Stop switch 9 Automatic stop 39 Fire switch 10 Automatic leveling 40 Car roof overhaul 11 Automatic stop in case of fault 41 Exchange landing 12 Automatic elimination of reverse command 42 Power supply filtering function 13 Automatic return to base station in case of fire alarm 43 Speed feedback detection function 14 Automatic correction of floor location signal 44 Brake feedback detection function 15 Automatic control of lighting fan inside the lift car 45 Self-learning of shaft location 16 Unattended to automatically return to base station 46 Diagnosis of shaft self-learning failure 17 Overspeed protection 47 Elimination of false command 18 Low speed protection 48 Door opening/closing button 19 Ground protection 49 Fault self-diagnosis 20 Anti-slip protection 50 Tips for running direction outside the hall and the lift car 21 Light curtain protection of the door 51 Fault history record 22 Reverse operation protection 52 Arbitrary setting in the service layers 23 Terminal floor protection 53 Opening the door outside the hall of this floor 24 Overload protection of the motor 54 Setting of floor display character 25 Running timeout protection 55 Respectively control for the door of the hall and the lift car 26 Short-circuit protection of door lock 56 Outside door opening protection 27 Fault protection of door opening and closing 57 Digital hall/display in the lift car 28 Running door lock breakage protection 58 Emergency lighting in the car in case of power failure 29 Leveling switch fault protection 59 Five-way communication device 30 Delay protection of car door closing 60 Setting of floor display character Certifications Company Profile Foshan YueXun(TaiLin) Elevator Co., Ltd Owns passenger lift, Sightseeing Lift, Freight elevator as its main products. In the last decade, it thoroughly implemented the advanced management philosophy in development,design,manufacturing,sales,installing,maintenance,financial accounting, and training, and won users' wide acclaim depending on its excellent and product quality and satisfyingservice quality. Over the years, it has won the honorary titles "China Famous Brand" and "First-choice Green Brand", and has been rated a High and NewTech Enterprise.

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