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3 Person Residential High-class, fashion and safety home lift Delicate Residential Panoramic Home Elevator Glass Villa Lift CONAI villa elevator applies the highly intergrated intellectual control system with the smooth brake and low noise. The car is of the diverse and flexible design .It can combine with any style of indoor home decoration into one. It not only elevates the construction image, but also creates a bright and charming travel space for the owners. We know very well about the loss reduction and energy-saving, environmental protection ideas for machine roomless residential lifts. With great improving on design freedom of motion & full expressing on green humanities. We endeavor to save the building area, enhance the freedom in design, full display a green and human concept. Compared with same loading level geared lift, Machine roomless residential lifts can save 25% of the electricity 10% of the building area. Machine roomless residential lift breaks through the premise that every lift needs to have a machine room. Residential lifts offers an infinitely inventive possibility for the limited space in the modern constructions.

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